The Most Dangerous Sports for Your Teeth

July 05, 2018, Dentistry

The Most Dangerous Sports for Your Teeth
The Most Dangerous Sports for Your Teeth

Sports injuries are common in many different sports, but when talking about dental injuries, certain sports are a lot more commonly responsible. Did you know that around 39% of all dental injuries are caused by sports injuries to the head or face? Popular sports such as football, basketball, hockey and other contact sports are common causes of tooth injuries and concussions. In this article, we are going to examine the most dangerous sports in regards to your teeth.

Alternative Sports
When watching the X Games, it’s common to see a skateboarder injure their teeth. The same thing goes for skiers and snowboarders everytime they hit the snow. Now, with more and more teenagers going to skate parks and riding the handrails, more and more dental injuries occur.
Stick Sports
Hockey and lacrosse, more prominent on the east coast, like New York, are also known for their common sports injuries. The most common injuries stem from taking a stick or an elbow to the mouth. Field hockey is another sport that is responsible for large amounts of oral health damage. Whenever engaging in these activities, it’s highly recommended to wear a mouthguard, to better protect your teeth and avoid sports injuries.
The American Past Times
Baseball is a big one when it comes to teeth injuries. That’s because, on both sides of the field, there’s a hard ball flying at high speeds towards the players. And one important factor here, is the fact that mouthguards aren’t typically worn at baseball games. Another risky games is Football, due to its violent nature. But it rates a lot lower on the risk scale for teeth injuries because of the requirement to wear helmets and mouthguards in the game.
Basketball is a hugely popular game here in U.S. It’s beautiful to watch, but don’t let the beauty fool you. It’s an incredibly physical sport, with elbows being constantly thrown into peoples faces. Out of all the sports, it’s probably the biggest one responsible for the amount of sports and dental injuries people recieve.

Regardless of what sport your choose to play, take care of yourself. It’s good to stay physically active and we’re not trying to talk you out of playing sports. Just protect yourself and always wear a mouthguard. 


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