What is a safe protocol for dental amalgam removal

August 15, 2023, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

dental amalgam removal
dental amalgam removal

A secure protocol for dental amalgam removal prioritizes the well-being of patients and dental professionals by minimizing exposure to mercury particles and vapors. Safety is ensured through precise techniques, protective measures, and proper equipment. While Dental amalgam removal protocols can vary, here's an outline:


1. Patient Evaluation and Preparation:
   - Make sure you are healthy, free of allergies and other disorders that can interfere with your removal.
   - Discuss with the client about the reasons, risks, and alternatives first.
   - Make sure you get informed consent from your clients.


2. Isolation and Protection:
   - A rubber dam should be employed to stop mercury from being ingested or breathed in.
   - You should offer a mask to ensure a hygienic breathing environment.


3. Dental Staff Protection:
   - When doing dental treatments, a dentist wears gloves, a mask, eye protection, and a gown.


4. Effective Evacuation:
   - Mercury can be captured in a sealed-tip suction device.

5. Cooling and Water Spray:
   - Use a water spray to keep the area cold and stop mercury vapor from leaving.


6. Safe Removal:
   - Break the filling carefully to reduce vapor release.
   - Minimize trauma to the filling.


7. Chelation and Rinsing:
   - Use a chelating agent to manage potential mercury.
   - Rinse mouth well with water or special rinse.


8. Proper Disposal:
   - Gather removed material in a secure container for safe disposal.
   - Follow local rules for mercury waste.


9. Room Ventilation:
   - Ensure good air circulation.
   - Filters can help trap particles.


10. Patient Guidance:
    - Share detailed post-removal care instructions.
    - Offer support and follow-up if needed.


Remember, these are general guidelines. Dentists should follow specific recommendations from their dental association for regional regulations and current science.


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