Choosing a Biological Dentist Your Path to Holistic Oral Health

August 31, 2023, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

biological dentistry
biological dentistry

Ever pondered the uniqueness of biological dentists and their potential value for your dental care?

Let's delve into the realm of biological dentistry, unveiling ten remarkable reasons why it might be the ideal choice for your oral health journey.


Decoding the Essence of Biological Dentistry:

A biological dentist, often referred to as a holistic or natural dentist, operates under a profound belief: your oral well-being is inherently intertwined with your overall health. They grasp the profound interconnections between oral issues and the health of other body systems. Their mission? To rejuvenate your mouth's natural health while nurturing harmony within your entire being.

Biological dentists are strong proponents of minimally invasive dentistry, aiming to enlighten their patients and consistently employ safe, biocompatible dental materials. Many have mastered techniques like ceramic dental implants and advanced mercury removal protocols aligned with IAOMT guidelines.

A standout feature of biological dentistry practices is their deeply personalised approach. They dismiss the conventional "one-size-fits-all" model, recognizing the individuality of each patient and tailoring treatments to their distinct requirements.


Let's delve into the top ten reasons that set biological dentists apart:

1. Wholeness of Care:
Traditional dentistry often confined its attention to oral health alone. However, biological dentists break these boundaries. They view oral health as an integral part of your overall physical well-being. Extensive research has underscored the links between oral health and conditions like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and pregnancy complications. Biological dentists adopt a holistic, whole-body approach, targeting the root cause rather than merely addressing oral symptoms.


2. Commitment to Safe Materials:
Biological dentists acknowledge that substances entering your mouth can impact your entire body. They steadfastly embrace the use of safe, durable, non-toxic, and biocompatible dental materials. Amalgam or mercury fillings find no place in their practices. By adopting this stance, they not only ease your toxic load but also reduce stress on your immune system. For those seeking non-metal implants, many offer ceramic alternatives crafted from zirconia.


3. Bio-Compatibility Insight:
Some individuals may develop sensitivities to specific dental materials. Biological dentists are attuned to this possibility. Working with such patients, they conduct biocompatibility testing through methods like blood tests or kinesiology (muscle testing). This meticulous approach ensures the optimal choice of filling material tailored to your unique biology. While conventional dentists may overlook this, biological dentists empower you with informed choices.


4. Mercury Safety: Not Merely Mercury-Free:
Mercury, present in amalgam fillings, poses serious health risks. Biological dentists not only refrain from placing new mercury fillings but also adhere to stringent protocols for their safe removal. They align with guidelines set by IAOMT, ensuring protection for patients, staff, and the environment from mercury exposure during removal.


5. Thoughtful Amalgam Removal:
Biological dentists recognize the significance of proper amalgam removal protocols. These protocols safeguard patients from additional mercury exposure. Failure to follow these protocols during removal can release mercury vapours into the air, which can be inhaled or ingested, causing potential harm.


6. Empowerment Through Education:
Education is integral to the biological dentistry experience. Biological dentists invest ample time in educating patients about the mouth-body connection and holistic health. From avoiding toxic ingredients in oral care products to managing toxic overload, they empower you to make informed choices.


7. Advocates of Conservative Dentistry:
Biological dentists diverge from the traditional "drill and fill" approach. They advocate minimally invasive dentistry, focusing on preserving natural tooth structure and adjacent tissues. Utilising safe materials and innovative technologies, such as air abrasion and laser therapy, they restore teeth with minimal disruption.


8. Modernised X-Ray Practices:
Biological dentists embrace advanced technology. They utilise low-radiation digital x-rays, significantly reducing radiation exposure compared to conventional x-rays. This innovation ensures accurate diagnosis while prioritising patient safety.


9. Root Canal Consideration:
Unlike traditional dentists, biological dentists approach root canals with caution. Research suggests that incompletely sterilised root canals can lead to bacterial leaks into the bloodstream, potentially causing chronic health complications. Biological dentists explore alternatives and provide comprehensive information, ensuring you're well-informed.


10. The Fluoride Debate:
Conventional dentists advocate for fluoride, but biological dentists raise concerns about its potential risks, including its impact on bones, brain, thyroid, and blood sugar levels. They provide insights into the ongoing debate, fostering informed decisions.


In Conclusion:

Choosing a biological dentist means embracing a holistic, personalised approach to oral health. They prioritise your overall well-being, recognizing the profound connections within your body. With an emphasis on safe practices, education, and innovative techniques, biological dentists usher in a new era of dental care—one that resonates with your unique health journey.


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