Counting Down Your Complete Guide to Braces Treatment Duration

September 01, 2023, Phoenix Dental Implant and Invisalign Centre

Counting Down Your Complete Guide to Braces Treatment Duration
Counting Down Your Complete Guide to Braces Treatment Duration

How Long Are Braces Typically Worn?

If you're considering braces to fix crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth, you probably have one main question - how long will treatment take? Orthodontic work to straighten your smile is an effective investment but requires wearing braces for 12-36 months on average.

This guide on braces duration will walk you through the typical timelines and factors determining your braces treatment length. Understanding the commitment involved will help you plan.

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The total treatment time for braces can range widely based on your specific orthodontic needs:

  • Traditional Metal Braces - Most patients wear conventional metal braces for 18-24 months.
  • Ceramic or Clear Braces - Clear ceramic braces blend in more but take the same time as metal braces, approximately 18-24 months.
  • Lingual Braces - Placed behind your teeth, lingual braces are less noticeable but harder to adjust. Treatment usually lasts 18-36 months.


What Affects Your Braces Treatment Length?

Several key factors influence your estimated braces timeline:

  • The severity of Alignment Issues - Mild to moderate alignment problems require shorter braces time vs. more complex bite issues.
  • Type of Braces - Clear aligners like Invisalign usually require less time than fixed braces.
  • Compliance with Orthodontist's Instructions - Following all instructions about brace care and adjustment visits is vital.
  • Oral Health During Treatment - Good hygiene reduces delays. Issues like tooth decay must be resolved first.
  • Growth Spurts for Teens - Teens may get braces on and off sooner to utilize growth spurts.
  • Use of Elastics or Headgear - Some cases need extra appliances to guide jaw/tooth positioning, extending treatment.


The Stages of Braces Treatment

Getting braces involves several phases of treatment from start to finish:

  • Initial Consultation - The orthodontist evaluates your smile needs and discusses options.
  • Braces Placement - Brackets are bonded to each tooth during this appointment.
  • Regular Adjustments - Braces wires are tightened and adjusted every 4-8 weeks to shift teeth.
  • Finishing & Retention - Braces are removed, and a retainer helps maintain your straightened smile.


How Braces Can Impact Your Lifestyle

It's normal for braces to take some adjustment in your daily life:

  • Diet Changes - Avoid chewing hard, sticky, crunchy, and sugary foods, which can damage braces.
  • Oral Hygiene - Brushing and flossing thoroughly after eating takes extra time and care.
  • Speech Changes - You may temporarily slur speech when you first get braces. This typically improves within a couple of weeks.
  • Soreness - It's common to have mild soreness for 3-5 days after each orthodontic adjustment as teeth shift.
  • Appointment Frequency - Expect monthly or bimonthly orthodontist visits for braces tightening and monitoring.


Braces Are Worth the Time Investment

Although braces do represent a substantial time commitment, the outcome of healthier teeth and an amazing new smile make it very worthwhile. If you put in the work required to wear your braces properly, you'll be amazed at your transformed smile when the braces finally come off!


Tips for a Smooth Braces Journey

Here are a few final tips to make your braces journey go as smoothly as possible:

  • Be patient - Results happen gradually, but your smile gets straighter daily.
  • Follow your orthodontist's instructions carefully. This will speed up your treatment time.
  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene to prevent dental issues that could delay your progress.

Counting down the months in braces will ultimately be so rewarding. You've got this! With your orthodontist's guidance and doing your part, you will be brace-free before you know it.


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