Non Vanity Reasons Behind Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

July 20, 2018, Langley Dental Practice

Most people think that a person’s decision to get a cosmetic procedure is driven by vanity.

On the contrary, a huge percentage of cosmetic procedures done is not because people want to become more beautiful. There are other motivations behind them such as to improve function and to prevent health risks.

Such is the case with cosmetic dental work. A lot of folks seek cosmetic dentistry treatments for reasons other than “I want to reach the common standards of a beautiful appearance.”

A cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale has listed the five “non-vanity” reasons for cosmetic dentistry procedures.

1. Accidents

Unfortunate situations such as accidents can alter the appearance and function of original teeth.

For example, contact athletes can chip or break a tooth. A chipped tooth can be quite sharp and can make a person more prone to mouth injuries, not to mention unsightly as well.

The application of dental veneers can reduce such risks, and restore the look of natural teeth. Dental crowns, Fort Lauderdale dentists say, provide the same benefit.

2. Work requirements

For example, in the service industry, flight attendants are required to have a perfect set of teeth – meaning no cavities and crooked teeth. Candidate self-presentation should be impressive.

Therefore, those who want to become flight attendants look to everything from orthodontic braces, to porcelain veneers, to professional teeth whitening treatments to achieve a flawless smile.

3. Career boost

Several studies show that a pretty smile is always an advantage in searching for employment, particularly when vying for certain job positions. A perfect set of teeth is equated with a confident and friendlier persona.

Additionally, some surveys reveal that people who smile a lot and have straight, pearly white teeth, and do not have bad breath are seen as successful in life. Or, they are perceived to have a better ability to do well in any job.

Suffice it to say, if you want to become more competitive in the job hunting arena, having great-looking teeth is critical to the success you want to achieve.

4. Issues with natural teeth

It is not uncommon for dental woes to arise due to the natural make-up of teeth. Some people are just born with weak and brittle teeth. Meanwhile, others have teeth that just grew having an odd shape or size.

Cosmetic dental procedures are some of the best solutions to the functional issues that natural or original teeth come with. For instance, the application of dental veneers on weak teeth can actually strengthen them.

On the other hand, when used to correct shape and size, veneers can actually prevent gum recession and the easy formation of cavities. It’s practically the same thing with dental crowns, which can protect the look, function, and structural integrity of weak teeth at the back of the mouth.

5. Effects of certain lifestyle mistakes

Smoking and other unhealthy habits are some lifestyle components that can result in damaged teeth. Most people struggle to kick these bad habits, and when they finally do, their overall health has already been compromised.

Chain smokers, in particular, usually have stained and weakened teeth that regular dentistry can no longer fix. Thus, expert cosmetic dentistry may be required.

The fixes can be anything from a quick application of dental veneers to extensive oral restoration with dental implants because the original teeth are already damaged beyond repair.

So, it’s all about dental health

It may seem like cosmetic dentistry has always been used for the improvement of people’s appearance.

But when you think deeply about it, and find out about other people’s real motivations, tooth restoration is not just about wanting to look beautiful in the eyes of others.
It is also about restoring dental health, and preserving the original, pleasant, and respectable appearance of a person so he or she can lead a better quality life.

Cosmetic dentistry may seem intended for vanity but it is actually a wonderful solution to other health and life quality issues.


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