Beauty is in the Teeth of the Beholder

July 20, 2018, Dental Magic Ltd

A smile is a magical spell that works wonders. It is a real charmer that lifts a somber spirit. A simple cheer that boosts confidence a long way, even at disappointing times. It is a contagion that spreads good vibes from one person to another. An expression that can melt a man of steel. Whatever form it takes, a smile has a magnetic force that pulls everyone to the side of happiness.

The beauty of a smile is an inside job — it means to say because of the teeth. A healthy set of teeth radiates self-esteem while a bad one can be a source of doubt or self-consciousness. Speaking of health, it is more than just beaming pearly whites. Apart from a captivating smile and cosmetic advantages, good teeth also mean strong gums, a better bite and responsible oral hygiene.

It is never too late to take big leaps in taking care of your teeth. You may regret eating most of the candies after Hallowe’en, or miserably remember skipping all your appointments to the dentists. But still, all is not lost. There is so much you can do to keep every tooth healthy or to restore your smile to its prime. Here’s a prescription for your beautiful and — more importantly — healthier teeth regimen.


The inner health of your teeth becomes the outer health of your mouth. A discolored tooth can mean bad stuff you’ve already invested in — smoking, cola, coffee, or simply poor oral hygiene. You need to instill a culture of discipline to shy away from yellow or discolored teeth. Regularly brush and floss your teeth after every meal, and rinse your mouth after you take soda, coffee, wine or other fluids that stain your teeth. Professional cleaning is also available in a clinic, and whitening toothpaste can be purchased at stores.


Holding back a smile is at times caused by misaligned teeth, which can also prevent communication. Crookedness does not necessarily mean all teeth — most people have at least one tooth that is out of alignment. Then again, having straight teeth is not about producing a perfect smile. It’s more of a health and sometimes social concern, rather than an aesthetic one. 

Crookedness is like a Pandora’s box that opens abundant complications. For one, it makes chewing difficult to do. On top of that, it engenders poor dental health. Since teeth are out alignment, it does not make brushing as effective as it should be. In turn, cavities are stuck in between teeth, which will lead to decay and gum issues.

The best response to wayward teeth is braces. These defensive fences are customized to treat your specific problem, even the most severe cases. They hold fast to your teeth for years to fully straighten them. Options as to the type of braces are now made available, depending on your concerns and your orthodontist’s recommendations. This has relieved many patients who are avoiding metal braces. A more palatable alternative is Invisalign — clear, invisible, plastic braces that can be removed during tooth care. Professionals like Invisalign Perth have relied on the straightening technology and convenience that these clear braces provide.


A picture of a missing tooth can be the butt of jokes, but it’s not really funny for those with gaps.  And although having a missing tooth doesn’t seem to be a serious concern, it may lead to chewing and speaking problems later on. 

Gaps can be addressed by a number of options. Dentures are the most popular — they are removable and mimic a full set of teeth. Another option is a bridge which is attached to adjacent teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. There is also dental implants, a long-term solution which replaces the root of the missing tooth. It acts akin to a natural tooth when smiling, eating or doing dental hygiene.

Our childhood is a time too often spent missing some of our teeth, putting them under our pillows in utter belief that the Tooth Fairy will replace them with a dime while we dream of our own fairytales. Soon, we discern that a bad or missing tooth is a Bogeyman lurking in the darkest roots of our mouth,  a nightmare that — if we do not confront it — will haunt us for the rest of our dental lives.  


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