Dental Care and Pregnancy Before During and After

July 24, 2018, Dentistry

Dental Care and Pregnancy  Before During and After
Dental Care and Pregnancy  Before During and After
Everyone has probably heard of pregnancy morning sickness, aching back and swelling feet. But not everyone has heard of pregnancy dental problems.

Although this connection is clear, there are many women who get dental issues during or after their pregnancy. This can be problematic since medications and x-rays involved in dental treatments are contraindicated during pregnancy. It’s important to know what is allowed before pregnancy, during and what needs to wait until after pregnancy.

Before Pregnancy
If you are planning on getting pregnant, it’s recommended to see a dentist beforehand for a check-up and cleaning. Although this won’t guarantee that you won’t have dental problems during pregnancy, it’s a good way to make sure you start your pregnancy without any dental issues. 

For example, if your dentist tells you that you need a wisdom tooth removed or a root canal, than it’s much better to get this fixed before you get pregnant. Both of those procedures involve the use of anesthetics and x-rays, which aren’t recommended while your pregnant.

During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, your chances of getting sensitive gums or dental infections is increased. If you decide to see your dentist during this time, make sure you tell him your pregnant. Even though most dental procedures can be done safely during your pregnancy, it’s still important for your dentist to know your situation. Also tell him any medications you might be taking and the stage of your pregnancy.

Besides pain and discomfort from dental problems, there’s a big concern about the relationship between premature birth and gum disease. Studies have shown a link between the two issues, which is why proper oral hygiene is really important for expectant mothers.

After Pregnancy
Many women might go through their whole life and pregnancy without dental problems, but may find that after giving birth, that they start to have problems in their mouth. If after giving birth, you start to feel any pain or discomfort in your mouth, see your dentist right away. It’s common for pregnancy to set off tooth decay or swelling of your gums. But don’t worry, since your no longer pregnant, your dentist will be able to easily treat your condition.

Dr. Pedram Bral from Manhattan Women's Health & Wellness in New York, recommends that if you have any questions about undergoing specific dental procedures while pregnant, make sure to consult with your dentist and your OBGYN first.


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