Dental Implants in New York

October 12, 2023, Century Dentistry Center

Dental Implants in New York
Dental Implants in New York

Dental implants artificially replace a tooth, including the tooth root. They consist of a small post or screw surgically inserted into the jawbone. Once inserted, the screw gradually integrates or bonds with the jawbone during osseointegration. During this process, new bone cells grow on and around the post, which is often specially treated to encourage this growth.

Once fully fused in the jawbone, a special attachment called an abutment is fitted onto the post, protruding above the gumline. The abutment supports the replacement tooth in the form of a dental crown or dental bridge. Both these restorations are permanently screwed or cemented in place and are only removable by a dentist.

Another option is to have a removable appliance called an implant denture or implant overdenture, where a denture has special attachments on its fitting surface that clip onto the implants, but you can take out the denture for regular cleaning and maintenance. Dental implants can replace single or multiple teeth or even complete arches, providing patients with teeth that look and feel strong, stable, and natural.

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