Straighten Your Teeth with Dental Braces

July 30, 2018, Langley Dental Practice

The foremost reason for which people opt for straightening their teeth is because they want to appear attractive socially or they want to hide the misalignment in the arrangement of their teeth.


Orthodontic treatment by My La Mirada Dentist can improve the condition of the patient’s dental hygiene, reduce the wear and tear of teeth and in the process can improve one’s bite and chewing capability.

Braces have been a remarkable concept for corrective therapy of misaligned teeth. But whether one is considering the use of traditional braces or alternative to braces that are now available too, one must consult an orthodontist first. An orthodontist has the expert’s knowledge, training and the experience to offer the kind of braces that would suit the patient’s need best. There are ceramic braces which are greatly popular among older teens and adults who are looking for a less blatant appearance in front of the corrective therapy they are undergoing.

Ceramic braces are one of the most effective solutions for straightening of teeth available. But they can be slightly more expensive than their metallic counterparts and are also prone to staining. Then there are lingual braces which are custom made braces fitted onto inside of the teeth instead of the front. However, as because they are located close to the tongue they can, at times, impact speech and eating. The patient might require some time to get used to them. Although invisible to anyone, due to a difficult process of application and an added difficulty of adjustment, these are significantly more expensive options.
Another option is clear aligners which go by the name of Invisalign. They are custom made 3D printed invisible aligners that suit the requirement of individual patients without being visible and without the discomfort of the lingual braces. Since they are custom made, they require high level of expertise to design to suit the needs of the patient and hence are moderately costly. They are not suitable for complex dental problems, but are suggested by orthodontists after the conclusion of the orthodontic treatment. These devices maintain the results the patient wants when the teeth have settled down and stopped moving. The damon braces are currently having their time in the sun as they are enjoying a wave of popularity among orthodontists and patients alike. These particular kinds of braces are self-ligating and use slide mechanism instead of elastics to connect the arch wires. Children with the problem of difficult overbites are generally suggested forus appliances. There is a kind of spring worn inside the cheeks and attached to the braces in order to align the jaws.

Few people are lucky to have the perfect set of pearly whites. For the rest, orthodontic treatment and the use of the kind of braces that would suit their need are prescribed by leading orthodontic specialists.


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