Wondering Why We Need Braces

July 30, 2018, Langley Dental Practice

Orthodontic treatment can be recommended for a number of reasons.


When choosing a dental office, they are useful in correcting conditions like bad bite or malocclusion caused by protruding, crowded or crooked teeth, misaligned teeth or a problem with the jaws. There may be many factors influencing malocclusions like an accident or injury, thumb sucking or it can simply be inherited. Correcting these issues can lead to improved oral health as crowded and crooked teeth make it difficult to maintain oral hygiene. If left unattended over a period of time then it can result in conditions like tooth decay or caries, gum disease or gingival and even loss of tooth. There are problems that even improper bite may cause like wear of tooth enamel, difficulty in chewing or speaking and jaw problems.

Orthodontic appliances like braces can help in correcting such issues. Braces have been a remarkable concept for corrective therapy of misaligned teeth. But whether one is considering the use of traditional braces or alternative to braces that are now available too, one must consult an orthodontist first. An orthodontist has the expert’s knowledge, training and the experience to offer the kind of braces that would suit the patient’s need best. There are ceramic braces which are greatly popular among older teens and adults who are looking for a less blatant appearance in front of the corrective therapy they are undergoing.

Orthodontic treatments now take much lesser time than it did years back. Yet teeth alignment correction is a time consuming procedure and there are no overnight results. So switching between orthodontists amidst the treatment will only elongate the duration and not cut it short. One will feel a certain soreness and uneasiness along the way because of the constant pressure being applied on to the teeth and also because the mouth is not use to so much plastic or metal in its proximity. But one must remember that the goal is to get a healthy mouth and healthier teeth. Visiting the orthodontists for regular check up at least once in two weeks is generally advised. Most consultations are free. It is the corrective treatment that costs some fortune.

The dental braces can be designed to be as noticeable or as inconspicuous as one might desire. The metallic part that is applied to the teeth or the brackets and the metallic wire which is threaded through the brackets in order to apply pressure on the teeth and ultimately move them to a desired alignment. This has been and still is the most inexpensive and most effective way of moving teeth into their proper alignment. Gone are the days when dental braces used to be painful and annoying for their intrusiveness. The latest technologies have created wires that move teeth faster with less pain in much lesser time.


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