Get Your Teeth Wedding Ready

August 02, 2018, Dentistry

Get Your Teeth Wedding Ready
Get Your Teeth Wedding Ready
When planning your wedding, having a perfect smile on your special day should also fall on your to-do list.

The good news is that there are many at-home whitening options which produce results comparable to the in-office procedures and for a much lower price. We are going to examine the different options available and tell you the best way to achieve a smile that will look perfect in your wedding photography.

Teeth-Whitening Kits
The three most popular whitening kits on the market today are strips, trays and gels. They are all equally effective, the only difference being the method of application, strength and sensitivity. The active ingredient in all over-the-counter teeth whitening products is peroxide. The degree of whitening is determined by the concentration of the whitening ingredient and the length of time of the application.

One of the best options out there, are strips. They are flexible, thin, disposable strips that come pre-coated with a whitening formula. To use, simply align the strips with your gum line, press the gel side on your teeth and fold the excess part to secure the strip in place. The advantage of strips is that it keeps the irritation to a minimum because the gel doesn’t get on your gums.

Trays come prefilled with a whitening gel and ensure a perfect dose every time. But it has some downsides for those with a smaller mouth and super sensitive teeth. It’s also harder to avoid contact with your gums. They bring good results, but their one size unfortunately won’t fit everyone.

Gels are the most “hand-on” application method. They are applied directly to your teeth by sliding the gels in a back and forth brushing motion, which takes some practice to get right. It’s a pretty messy method and can irritate your gums if not done right. It’s recommended to get a gel formula that comes with an applicator to help avoid contact with your gums.


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