What are the common denture problems and how Do you treat them

November 20, 2023, Model dental clinic

What are the common denture problems and how Do you treat them
What are the common denture problems and how Do you treat them

Considering dentures in Columbia, you must know about common denture problems and how to address them. Dentures can be a fantastic solution for restoring your smile and oral functionality, but like any dental appliance, they can present challenges. Columbia finding a reliable dentist in Columbia is key to addressing these issues effectively. Here, we'll explore some of these problems and the available treatments.

1. Ill-Fitting Dentures:
One of the most prevalent issues with dentures is a poor fit. When your dentures don't fit snugly, they can cause discomfort and even lead to sores. If you're experiencing this problem, schedule an appointment with a dentist in Columbia. They can adjust, reline, or replace dentures to ensure a comfortable fit.
2. Gum Irritation and Sores:
Continually rubbing dentures against your gums can result in irritation and painful sores. It's important to maintain good oral hygiene and rinse your mouth with warm saltwater to alleviate this problem. However, if the issue persists, consult your dentist in Columbia for professional guidance and relief.
3. Difficulty Chewing:
Some denture wearers may initially struggle with chewing certain foods. Consider dental implants near you to improve your ability to enjoy a varied diet. These can support dentures, providing a more stable and natural chewing experience.
4. Speech Issues:
Adapting to speaking with dentures can be challenging for some individuals. Practice speaking slowly and clearly to improve your speech. If the problem persists, your dentist in Columbia can offer guidance and tips to enhance your communication skills.
5. Denture Stains and Odors:
Over time, dentures can accumulate stains and develop unpleasant odors. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain their appearance and hygiene. Use a denture brush and cleaning solution recommended by your dentist in Columbia to keep your dentures fresh and clean.
6. Denture Breakage:
Accidents can happen, resulting in denture breakage. Avoid using DIY repair kits, and consult your dentist in Columbia immediately. Trying to repair them on your own could exacerbate the issue and reduce their effectiveness.

Regular check-ups are crucial to ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of your dentures. If you encounter any issues or discomfort, don't hesitate to contact your trusted dental professional for guidance and solutions tailored to your needs.


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