Dental Sealants
Dental Sealants
At your pediatric dentist in Brooklyn, you’ll find only BPA free products. While many dental materials may contain slight amounts of the substance, the best dentist for kids is committed to being BPA free, even when it comes to dental sealants for kids. Sealants are an excellent form of preventative care that’s low cost, especially compared to the price tag on fillings and gum treatments. Visit your pediatric dentist in Brooklyn, NY for BPA free dental sealants for you and your whole family.

Your toddler dentist in Brooklyn may recommend dental sealants for kids to prevent cavities and to keep young teeth strong. Dental sealants involve painting a thin plastic coating on the surface of your children’s teeth. It’s completely safe and very effective at preventing tooth decay.

This plastic coating prevents bacteria from harming the surface of the teeth, especially those hard-to-reach molars and pre-molars. These teeth are especially prone to decay because they’re the furthest teeth back in your child’s small mouth. These teeth may be missed — or just not thoroughly cleaned — while brushing and flossing.

When to See the Best Dentist for Kids
Between the ages of six and 14, many children still need practice and instruction on proper brushing techniques and good dental habits. The best children’s dentist recommends the plastic coating because it bonds to the surface of these often grooved teeth, filling in any crevices or pits that can trap plaque and bacteria. This makes it more difficult for decay to set in.

These fissures can be smaller than a single bristle of a child’s toothbrush. Smoother surfaces provide easier cleaning during your children’s development. The lack of grooves and pits protects and has even been shown to decrease the risk of decay by up to 80 percent, according to studies by the American Dental Association.


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