How Much Does Dentistry Cost in Spain vs UK

August 21, 2018, Dental Magic Ltd

For Brits looking at saving money on their dental care by going abroad then it stands to reason that Spain must be an option, given it’s the most popular destination for British holidaymakers travelling outside the UK. But, are the dentists in Spain offering a cost-effective proposition for cash-starved Brits, and just how much does dentistry cost in Spain versus the UK?

The Economics of Dental Tourism

The whole point of dental tourism (at least for the majority of people) is to save money. So, it’s worth remembering that if the cost of the trip, when accommodation and travel expenses are included, is going to be more than what it costs in the UK then it might not be so worthwhile.

However, more people are now tacking their dental care onto an already pre-planned holiday or trip, and in these cases it makes a lot of sense to get even low-cost dental treatments while away.

How Do The Prices at Dental Clinics in Spain Compare to the UK?

Unequivocally, for every popular treatment, dentists in Spain offer prices that are considerably cheaper—and in most cases the savings are higher than 60%. Furthermore, even for consultations and diagnostics, which private patients in the UK are charged for, in Spain the cost is minimal, or even free.

By way of example, at Velez & Lozano, a dental clinic in Murcia, a consultation is free, panoramic x-rays £12 (compared to £100 in the UK) and a 3D/CT scan £25 (compared to £390 in the UK).

As far as dental treatments are concerned, the all-on-4 cost in Spain at Crooke and Laguna Malaga is only £6,200 compared to the UK average of £16,000. And at the other end of the scale, a composite filling at Nart Dental Clinic in Barcelona comes in at £71, compared to £157 in the UK.

It’s the same story across the board:

• Dental crowns in Spain cost £300, compared to £900 in the UK
• Dental implants in Spain cost £1,181, compared to £3,000 in the UK
• Dental veneers in Spain cost £326, compared to £1,461 in the UK
• Dentures in Spain cost £628, compared to £1,700 in the UK
• Root Canals in Spain cost £344, compared to £1,500
• Laser Teeth Whitening in Spain costs £147, compared to £215 in the UK

Finding a Reliable Dentist in Spain

If the prices have convinced you that Spain offers a good deal on dental care for Brits then all you have to do is find a reliable dentist. Fortunately, Spain’s dentists operate on a private basis and there is competition between them to find patients. So, many clinics, particularly those treating international patients, tend to be modern, equipped with the latest technologies and have good prices.

It's worth looking online for recommendations, or contact a reliable dental tourism provider who has access to a wide range of dentists. Make sure you do some research on qualifications (you can check with the General Council of Colleges of Dentistry and Stomatology of Spain or General Dental Council) in Madrid to find dentists who are registered. The dentists in Spain deliver good-quality care at prices that compare very favourably with the prices at home—so it could be worth the effort of arranging a trip.


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