Brace Yourself Exploring Orthodontic Options

February 06, 2024, Royal Dentistry

Brace Yourself Exploring Orthodontic Options
Brace Yourself Exploring Orthodontic Options
Discover the various orthodontic options available to straighten your teeth and achieve a confident smile. Get ready to transform your smile with our comprehensive guide to orthodontics.

Orthodontic treatment is not just about getting braces anymore. With advancements in dental technology, there are now various options available to help you achieve a straighter and healthier smile. Let's explore some of the orthodontic options you might consider:
Traditional Braces

Made of metal brackets and wires.

  • Effective for correcting a wide range of dental issues.
  • Can be customized with colorful bands for a fun look.
  • Require regular adjustments by your orthodontist.

Ceramic Braces

  • Similar to traditional braces but with clear or tooth-coloured brackets.
  • Less noticeable compared to metal braces.
  • Maybe a good option for those concerned about aesthetics.
  • Still requires regular adjustments and proper oral care.


  • Uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually move teeth.
  • Virtually invisible, making them a popular choice for adults and teens.
  • Allows for easier brushing and flossing compared to braces.
  • Requires discipline in wearing aligners for 20-22 hours a day.

Lingual Braces

  • Brackets and wires are placed on the inside surface of the teeth.
  • Invisible from the outside.
  • Custom-made to fit your teeth for optimal comfort.
  • Can be challenging to clean and may cause some initial discomfort.

Clear Aligner Systems (Other Than Invisalign)

  • Similar to Invisalign, but there are other brands available.
  • Offer similar benefits such as being clear and removable.
  • May be more affordable compared to Invisalign.
  • Require regular check-ups with your orthodontist for progress monitoring.

Self-Ligating Braces

  • Use a sliding mechanism rather than elastic bands to hold the wires in place.
  • Generally, it requires fewer adjustments and less discomfort.
  • Can result in quicker treatment times compared to traditional braces.
  • It may be more expensive than traditional braces.

Surgical Orthodontics

  • For severe cases where orthodontic treatment alone isn't enough.
  • Involves jaw surgery to correct misalignments.
  • Usually followed by orthodontic treatment to fine-tune the bite.
  • Requires careful evaluation and coordination between an orthodontist and oral surgeon.


No matter what your orthodontic needs are, there's likely a treatment option that's right for you. Consult with your orthodontist or dentist in Dearborn to discuss which option aligns best with your lifestyle, budget, and treatment goals. Remember, investing in your smile can lead to improved confidence and overall oral health in the long run.


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