5 Easy Dental Care Tips

September 15, 2014, Reston VA Dentist

Proper dental hygiene is extremely important, not only in your oral health but in the health of the rest of your body. It is possible to identify issues and other medical conditions through your mouth, so both maintaining oral care and going in to see your dentist is extremely important. Of course, in between visits it is necessary to perform some standard dental care procedures each and every day.

This way, when you do go in for your dental checkups, you can reduce the chances of having a cavity and show off your pearly whites. Although there are dozens of hygienic tips you should follow, these are the top five important and easy to do tips.

1. Brush At Least Twice a Day

You've heard this one time and time again, but it is worth repeating. You really need to brush your teeth at least twice a day. After breakfast in the morning, brushing your teeth is going to not only remove your morning breakfast debris but also the build up from the night before. Brushing at night before bed is going to help clean off your teeth, mouth and gums before bed, but, if you have the chance, brushing after lunch is a good idea as well, especially if you are a coffee drinker or smoker. This helps reduce the stains your teeth are likely to develop from these activities, plus it is going to give you fresh breath throughout the rest of the day, especially after you devour your tuna fish sandwich at lunchtime.

2. Brush Your Gums and Tongue

Brushing is not just about focusing on your teeth.  While your teeth do receive all of the attention, it is not the only part of your oral health. It is the same as going into the shower and washing your hair but not the rest of your body. You need to brush your gums, the roof of your mouth and your tongue. Plaque and other food debris clings to just about anywhere in your mouth, so washing these areas are not only going to help keep your mouth clean but it also helps avoid gum and mouth diseases such as gingivitis.

3. Floss at Least Once a Day

Make sure to floss. It is something far too many people do not do on a regular basis, and while you might tell the dents you do floss, they can tell rather quickly whether you do or not. Your tooth brush is simply not able to clean in between the spaces of your teeth, so who knows how long that apple skin has been stuck between the two back teeth of yours. With floss, you can clean out the debris stuck between your teeth. Plus, there are different devices now that make it easy to floss, if you have never been a fan of the string or tape versions of floss.

4. Eat Calcium

Your teeth and gums are both made up of calcium. Not eating enough calcium not only weakens your bones, but it also weakens your teeth and oral health as well. So, the next time the server at your favorite restaurant asks if you want cheese on top, feel free to say yes. Just make sure to brush your teeth later.

5. See Your Dentist

It is very important to see your dentist every six months. It can be hard to see if your teeth have any sort of problem, but your dentist can spot it and help stop growing cavities or other problems from developing further. This is an extremely important checkup for you to make.



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