15 Proverbs and Believes about Teeth

October 02, 2018, Clinic

Probably everyone knows a saying have an apple a day keeps a doctor away. It is true. It is better to have an apple instead of a candy so your teeth were healthy and white. There are still many things we do not know about and I suggest you to find out looking through the article below. You might find them very interesting and funny at times. Enjoy reading!

1. In the 19th century, the snow-white skin was very fashionable in Europe. To prevent teeth from obscuring its colour, they were specially covered with yellow colours.
2. In the Maya tribes, sawed teeth in the form of hemp were considered beautiful. Peoples of Mesoamerica followed these ideas. However, they had a beautiful triangular shape, like a shark, to frighten the enemies.
3. In Australia, they brought the front teeth as a gift to the gods.
4. To spit well, the Pangwe tribe deliberately knock a front tooth out. Citizens of civilized countries do not understand this, but in this tribe, spitting is a matter of pride.
5. In the 18th century, gold crowns were considered the craze of the day. They put them even on healthy teeth. It was thought that you have wealth and power if you can afford such a procedure.
6. A gem incrustation in the front teeth is a popular service in India.
7. Under influence of this fashion, the diamond tooth was put to itself by the vocalist of Rolling Stones band Miсk Jagger. It is not clear whether it is convenient to chew like that or not, but it shines perfectly.
8. In some Asiatic tribes, if a baby gets eyetooth before stomach tooth it means a harbinger of death. Such a baby is considered damned and given to be eaten by hyenas, and the mother is branded unclean.
9. If teeth grind while eating, it means that you will be invited over soon, or you will have to eat someone`s bread.
10. If you spit in the window, your teeth will hurt.
11. If a pregnant woman's teeth crumble, a boy is expected.
12. To avoid dental diseases, you need to get out of bed on the wrong side.
13. If a child's teeth are cut early, it means that the mother will soon have a second baby.
14. It is believed that small tight teeth indicate a petty and greedy person, and widely located - on the good and open.
15. Frequent teeth is a sign of amorousness, rare teeth are a sign of an angry man who lies a lot.

About the author: Melisa Marzett has believed in a tooth fairy for quite some time. She is grown up now but a child at heart when it comes to many things. She has always wanted to be a writer and she is now writing guest articles and accomplishing assignments for http://getessayeditor.com/


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