What can you expect after getting immediate dentures

April 02, 2024, Stoute Dental

What can you expect after getting immediate dentures
What can you expect after getting immediate dentures
Discover what to expect with immediate dentures in Crofton, MD, and ensure a confident smile. Get expert support from your Crofton dentist.

Getting dentures is a big decision that can affect your health, appearance, as well as quality of life. If you proceed with immediate dentures, you may have many questions about what to expect. Here's an overview of the immediate dentures process and recovery so you know what's ahead.

The Immediate Dentures Procedure

With the best dentures, you get a full set of removable dentures placed right after your remaining teeth are extracted. This differs from conventional dentures made after the gums have had time to heal, usually a few months after extractions.
During an immediate denture procedure, your dentist will remove compromised teeth that can't be saved. After extractions, they'll take impressions of your jaws and quickly create a set of temporary dentures. The dentist places these dentures to provide comfort and function immediately after losing your natural teeth.

Some benefits of immediate dentures include:
• You leave with a full set of teeth the same day.
• You avoid being without teeth during the healing process.
• Your facial appearance remains intact.
• You can eat some food right away.

Initial Healing After Immediate Dentures

The first days after getting immediate dentures in Crofton, MD, can take some adjustment. Your mouth will be tender and swollen after extractions. Talk to your dentist about recommended aftercare while your mouth starts healing.
During the first 24 hours, stick to soft, mild foods. Avoid very hot or spicy foods that could irritate the healing gums. Iced smoothies or shakes can help soothe any pain. Take any medications as directed by your dentist to manage discomfort.
You'll also need to remove dentures sometimes to allow your gums to rest and heal—clean dentures well after taking them out, using a toothbrush and cleaner. Rinse your mouth with salt water to keep the tissue clean. See your dentist near me promptly if you experience increased pain, swelling, bleeding, or reactions around extracted sites.

Denture Adjustments and Relines

Your gums and jawbone will change shape as they heal after extractions. This means the fit of your immediate dentures will loosen over time. Most patients need an initial denture adjustment within 24 hours after placement, followed by additional adjustments over several weeks.
Your dentist can easily fine-tune the shape and fit of the dentures at these appointments. They may also recommend using temporary denture adhesives or cushions to improve comfort and retention.
You'll likely need a denture reline around 3-6 months after extractions. This involves reshaping the denture base to match your mouth's new contours. Relining provides a tighter, more stable fit again. For many immediate denture patients, several relines are needed over the first year as the jawbone changes shape.

Long-Term Care and Conventional Dentures

While immediate dentures serve an important function initially, most will need replacement with conventional dentures around 6-12 months after extractions. Conventional dentures are crafted after the gums have fully settled into their healed state. This allows for a custom, accurate fit tailored to your mouth's unique structure.
With a great oral care routine, you can expect 5-7 years or more of use from a properly fitted set of conventional dentures before needing a replacement set. Visit your dentist in Crofton, MD, regularly so they can evaluate the fit and condition of your dentures over time.
Proper cleaning, handling, and storage will also help dentures last longer. Always keep dentures moist when not being worn. Handle them over a sink filled with water or a towel to avoid accidental drops. Clean using a non-abrasive paste or daily soak with an effervescent tablet.

Improved Appearance and Confidence

Adjusting to dentures can take time. However, most patients find their appearance and confidence improve significantly after the initial healing period. Smiling, laughing, and eating comfortably again without gaps or missing teeth can make a wonderful difference in social interactions and emotional well-being.
Give yourself several weeks to adapt to your new immediate dentures. Stay in close contact with your dentist during adjustments and relines. Follow their recommended care instructions carefully. With patience and practice, your immediate dentures can restore your smile and quality of life.

Get Support from Your Crofton Dentist

If you're considering immediate dentures, the doctors at Stoute Dental are here to help. Our skilled team will handle your extractions, dentures, relines, and adjustments gently and seamlessly. Call our Crofton, MD, dental office today at (410) 713-4150 to schedule your consultation. Discover how immediate dentures can give you back the smile and confidence you deserve.


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