The Secret to a Hollywood Smile Dental Veneers Explained

June 11, 2024, Affordable Dental Clinics

Dental Veneers
Dental Veneers

If you desire the Hollywood smile because your teeth are impacted by chips, cracks, gaps between them, discrepancies in size, discoloration, et cetera, it helps if you understand the secret behind Hollywood smiles before you consider a solution they adopt to make their smile appear beautiful. Hollywood celebrities often frequent cosmetic dentistry offices to hide their imperfect teeth with dental veneers to make them appear pleasing to everyone, including you.

If you desire a celebrity smile as displayed by Hollywood, you can also achieve a similar smile by arranging dental consultations in Greeley, CO, with pictures of your favorite celebrity smiling graciously for the cameras. During your consultation, dentists will likely examine your teeth to ascertain their defects before suggesting a suitable remedy for your situation to give you the Hollywood smile.

You will likely receive a suggestion from the dental office in Greeley to enhance the appearance of your teeth using porcelain veneers, investing considerably in your smile depending on how many teeth are affected. They also suggest you need multiple appointments with them when getting the veneers to enhance the looks of your teeth and your smile.


What Precisely Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are slimy shells of dental-grade porcelain customized to fit over the front surfaces of your teeth to hide dental imperfections that impact your smile. Hollywood celebrities are frequently shoring up their smile by covering dental flaws with their teeth using porcelain veneers.


Porcelain surfaces mimic the appearance of your natural tooth enamel after they are bonded to your teeth in a procedure requiring three weeks or more and multiple appointments with cosmetic dentistry Greeley. The appointments include tooth structure removal to accommodate the shells over your teeth and waiting for approximately three weeks until a dental laboratory customizes the surfaces. The procedure for porcelain veneers compromises tooth structure after enamel removal past the dentin making the shells a permanent fixture on your teeth.

After you have the porcelain shells bonded to your teeth, in about three weeks, you receive a smile makeover to make you appear like your favorite Hollywood celebrity. However, getting porcelain surfaces financially impacts your smile because the shells are expensive and require proper maintenance to ensure you don’t need replacements faster than imagined. In addition, the porcelain veneer process is not reversible if you don’t want them later. However, you can expect the shells to stay on your teeth for ten to 15 years or more with proper care and regular visits to your dentist to monitor your teeth and the porcelain shells.


Are Porcelain Shells Your Only Option?

If you are looking for a smile transformation to hide teeth with imperfections, dentists can offer alternative remedies that help cover your dental defects in a couple of appointments without compromising your tooth structure. In addition, you can change the appearance of your smile in a conservative therapy completed by the dentist in one-afternoon appointment to make your teeth appear beautiful. Furthermore, alternative treatments will cost less than porcelain veneers while restoring your teeth and giving you a smile transformation.


If you think your dental flaws are not significant and are better hidden using alternative methods, the dentist suggests dental bonding costing you 25 percent of the investment of porcelain veneers but helping cover similar defects as the porcelain shells.

Dental bonding doesn’t require multiple appointments with your dentist for tooth structure removal because the procedure entails hiding dental defects using tooth-colored composite resin to help improve the looks of discolored teeth, chipped and cracked teeth, uneven teeth, and minor gaps between teeth. In addition, the bonding treatment doesn’t cause discomfort or require anesthesia, as is typical with porcelain veneers. Instead, the dentist merely applies an etching solution to your teeth to rough the surface before painting the composite resin and hardening the material with ultraviolet light.

Composite bonding is not as durable as veneers but is a convenient option if you don’t want to make considerable investments in your smile. However, this procedure’s results are similar except for the staining the bonding material can attract if you don’t refrain from colored foods and beverages besides smoking. Fortunately, the porcelain shells are resistant to staining and appear brighter and whiter as long as they remain on your teeth.

Whether you receive porcelain shells or the bonding treatment, you must maintain excellent dental hygiene and avoid detrimental mouth-related habits like biting complex objects, using your teeth as tools for purposes not designed for and get regular exams and cleanings from your dentist to ensure you extend the longevity of these therapies for as long as possible.

If you desire to change your smile to make it appear better, Affordable Dental Clinics provides porcelain shells and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Consult them today to ascertain your teeth damage and receive a treatment best suited for your needs.


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