Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Treatment

September 18, 2014, Azalea Dental

Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Treatment
Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Treatment

The root canal is a kind of dental procedure that is performed when decay in the tooth has the chance to damage or has killed the tooth. During the procedure, an endodontist will remove the pulp from the tooth center and will fill the pulp cavity. This will help prevent a painful infection in the pulp from developing which is likely to affect other teeth. This procedure is also done to treat infections that have developed in an abscessed tooth. As a result, this relieves toothache, promotes healing, and stops infection.

A root canal procedure is performed by general dentists or practitioners who specialize in diseases of the tooth pulp.

Root Canal Procedure
The dentist will start by numbing the gums with a jelly-like substance. When the gums are numb, the dentist will then inject an anesthetic that will numb the entire gums, teeth, tongue, and the surrounding skin. In some instances, a nitrous oxide gas is used to lessen pain and help the patient relax.

The Dentist in Summerville might separate the decayed tooth from the rest using a small sheet of rubber placed on a metal frame. This is a protective rubber sheet that helps prevent liquid from entering the mouth.

Then the dentist will make use of a drill and other dental tools in order to remove the pulp and fill its inside part, below the gum line, with medicine, some temporary filling material, then a final filling.

When the root canal is done, a crown or cap is needed. When using the crown, the dentist needs to remove the decay and will make an impression of the tooth. The technician will make the crown, one that will perfectly match with the drilled tooth. The tooth can be fitted with a temporary crown while waiting for the permanent one to be made and cemented.

After Surgery
After the surgery, the lips and gums would often remain numb.  Then, the patient may feel some throbbing pain which can be treated with pain medicines like ibuprofen or stronger prescription painkillers. When taking medicines, it’s important to read the instructions.

Why Do You Need A Root Canal?
The procedure is necessary when there is tooth decay that is likely to leave permanent damage or have done so to the pulp.

How Well This Works?
This works by removing the pulp inside of the tooth and replacing it a filling. This effectively treats and prevents infection.

What are the Risks?
If there is an infected tooth, bacteria can enter into the bloodstream and will cause infection to the different parts of the body. Those people who have a difficult time fighting off an infection may have to take antibiotics prior and after the treatment.

Since root canal can remove the pulp inside of a tooth, the tooth will be more fragile and might break easily when it’s not covered with a crown. A root canal needs to be performed as immediately as possible to be spared from severe infection, which can greatly damage the bone that surrounds the root, while saving the other tooth.


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