Pimples on Your Chin May Occur Because of the Dental Problems

November 15, 2018, Dentistry

Pimples on Your Chin May Occur Because of the Dental Problems
Pimples on Your Chin May Occur Because of the Dental Problems
So, you are not a teenager anymore, but your problems with skin traveled with you into adult life. Perhaps you don’t feel very happy about this and it’s not the way you’d like to look. If all of this is about you, it’s time to think of the possible causes of this.

Everybody knows that acne is mostly a hormonal problem. This is why it is absolutely normal when you are in your puberty age since that’s when your whole hormonal system is rebuilt. It will take time for all the hormones to get into their normal balance. When it happens, everything returns to norm and acne disappears. If it doesn’t, there are always other reasons for this. The location is also important.
Perhaps the very thought that it can be connected with your teeth is quite unexpected. Still, if you have a constant problem with pimples appearing on your chin regularly (especially if they are cystic), maybe you should check up the state of your oral health.
How are They Connected with Oral Diseases?
When you have problems with your teeth, it is not only problems with teeth. It is a problem of your entire body. Our organs are not isolated structures functioning independently from each other. All of them are parts of a big machine called the human body. A problem in one part inevitably causes problems in others.
Let’s see how it may affect your skin. Food gets into the mouth where it is thoroughly processed by our teeth and then through the esophagus right into the stomach, already grated and salivated. What happens if the teeth are not healthy? The patient is unable to process the food properly.
If unprocessed food gets to the stomach for the digestion (poorly grated and salivated), the mucous surface of the stomach will suffer while digesting it. This can develop into gastritis or stomach ulcer. The gastrointestinal diseases one of the main internal factors affecting our skin so pimples here are the symptom of a systemic GI disorder.
Let’s also not forget that we can’t have infection strictly located elsewhere. If there is an infection in the mouth, it can travel around with blood and spread further. Areas most at risk of getting the infection from our teeth are those closest to them –chin, temples, maxillary sinus, and lymph nodes.
Of course, there are also many other reasons why pimples on your chin can occur. If this problem appears regularly, a full body diagnostic is necessary. A visit to the dentist must be an obligatory part in this program. If the dental problems are treated, it is very possible that your acne problem will disappear as well. If not – continue looking for a reason, and you will find it.


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