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November 19, 2018, Dental Magic Ltd

As invaluable as the work of a good dentist is, sometimes it is just too costly. An all-on-4 implants system is the perfect example of this. A lot of people in the US and Canada are flustered by the rising out-of-pocket costs of dental care. Getting the affordable all-on-4 Molar City has to offer is an excellent solution. Let us take a closer look at how much this treatment costs in the Mexican border town Los Algodones, also known as Molar City.

Save Fifteen Thousand Dollars

The average cost of an all-on-4 in the US and Canada is USD $25,000 and CAD $33,400 respectively. In Molar City the all-on-four costs only around USD $10,000 / CAD $14,000. The best part is that the lower prices do not come at the cost of lower quality. The main reason for the lower prices is Mexico’s lower operating costs. Moreover, the red tape that plagues businesses in the US and Canada and drives up their costs is not an issues in Mexico.

This translates into the much more affordable all-on-4 Molar City offers you, without compromising on quality. As more people are discovering the actual reasons behind the price difference, the myth that dental tourism is risky continues to fade.


The Discount is Worth it if You Find the Right Clinic

The closest thing to a catch is that you find a good clinic. With 300 clinics and almost a thousand dentists in Molar City, you have plenty of options. Quality clinics such as Alberta Dental and Sani Dental Group provide not only the all-on-4 prices but excellent dental work. From the quality of the implants to the care and proficiency with which the treatment is executed, everything is on the level.

Perhaps this is understandable considering this is the only way these clinics can continue to get good business. Word of mouth can make or break clinics in this industry. Clinics like the ones mentioned above work hard to deliver the best all-on-4 and other dental procedures to maintain their reputation. Alberta is a specialist in dental implants with over five years of experience while Castle is another leading clinic with almost a decade of experience.


Make the Most of All-on-4s, for Less

The first successful all-on-4 procedure was done in 1998. Countless people have benefited from this effective technique since then. You can get the implants in a single day, with only four implants needed to revamp an entire arch of teeth. Just remember that like all implant procedures you will need to revisit the dentist after four to six months after the implants have infused with the bone. The dentist will add the permanent restorations on the second visit.

The price difference will more than cover the travel and accommodation costs. Molar City is just ten miles from Yuma Arizona. You may not even have to stay overnight. If you are traveling from a farther state or Canada and have to stay in Arizona, you will save money even after factoring in the flight tickets and hotel costs. Think of the all-on-4 Molar City offers as an excuse to enjoy small getaway while getting beautiful new teeth.


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