How Neglected Dental Diseases Can Lead to Obesity

November 26, 2018, Dentistry

How Neglected Dental Diseases Can Lead to Obesity
How Neglected Dental Diseases Can Lead to Obesity
You may be a bit surprised to read about the connection of dental disease and obesity but it does exist. Every little part of our body is connected with others and they function as a whole mechanism. Naturally, if something is wrong in one part, the entire connection gets misbalanced and stops functioning properly.

Teeth are very important organs of our body, and we often underestimate the dangers and risks of oral infections. It is important to understand that any infection in any part of an organ doesn’t just remain there – it can be transferred through our blood to other parts of our body. Let’s see how our dental health is connected with our weight.

Dental Diseases and the Gastrointestinal Tract
A gastrointestinal tract starts with the mouth cavity. This is where the food gets grated and undergoes disinfection by our saliva (this is how lysozyme in the saliva work). For everything to be done properly, the food must be well chewed, which is impossible to do if your teeth hurt.

Good chewing is especially important for products containing important nutrients for our health. They are more difficult to chew and require significant effort from the teeth and jaw to do this properly. If not chewed properly, unprocessed food travels to our stomach and can cause gastritis or even a stomach ulcer.

If our tooth hurts, it is very uncomfortable to chew on that side of the jaw. This is why people with dental problems usually chew their food on the side that doesn’t hurt. What does this mean? Double strain for your healthy teeth. Of course, constantly working like this, they won’t stay healthy for long.

How Does Weight Gain Begin
And this is where the weight problem begins. A patient tries to eat things that won’t bring as much discomfort. Ideally, this would be healthy grated or mashed food. But unfortunately, more often, people choose the easiest way – fast carbohydrates loaded with calories. These include dough, sauces, rice, and sweets.

Eating food rich in carbohydrates requires regular physical exercises to stay in shape. Many people disregard this fact, and as a result, they start gaining weight. This can lead to developing obesity, which is very harmful to the entire body and makes dental problems worse too.

Loss of teeth or their aesthetic look can be a stress factor by itself. Many people become self-conscious about their appearance and feel down about it. This provokes a wish to indulge themselves with something to stop the sad thoughts, and very often it turns to a stress-eating habit.

The Connection Between Weight and Dental Hygiene
Cleaning your teeth can tame your hunger. Most toothpastes contain mint that can cause an oppressing action over the taste buds. If you are struggling with a habit of overeating, try to brush your teeth whenever you want to eat something over your normal daily menu. In a short while, your hunger will be suppressed. You will hit two birds with one stone –help yourself with weight loss and take extra care of your oral health.


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