Facts About Good Gum Health That Will Keep You Up at Night

February 12, 2019, Manhattan Periodontics and Implant Dentistry

Facts About Good Gum Health That Will Keep You Up at Night
Facts About Good Gum Health That Will Keep You Up at Night
Dr. Rahmani is a board certified Manhattan periodontist and Dental Implant Specialist. Our state of the art facility equipped with the most advanced periodontal equipment available in USA including latest lasers & high precision microscopes. We work with top dental labs in NYC and use only highest quality dental components available on the market today. Who doesn’t want to feel healthy and to have a nice smile? Good gum health and general health…did you know the two are very closely connected? By looking after your gums, you are protecting your general health and vice versa. So just what is this connection…

Gum Disease Can affect Your General Health

Gum disease is a bacterial infection that can occur if you fail to brush and floss properly. This allows a sticky layer of plaque bacteria, called a biofilm, to build up over the surface of your teeth. Within just a very short while, plaque can harden into tartar which is an extremely hard substance that can only be removed during a professional cleaning.

The problem with both plaque and tartar is that the bacteria within them release toxins and it’s these toxins that will begin to inflame and infect your gums. One of the most common side effects of gum disease or periodontal disease is bleeding gums. This symptom has the ability to affect your general health and here’s why.

When your gums bleed they create an open pathway for the bacteria in your mouth to get into your bloodstream. Once inside your bloodstream, these bacteria can travel just about anywhere in your body. This is a problem for your general health, as gum disease is an inflammatory condition, and these bacteria can create new sites of inflammation throughout your body.


Read more: https://www.periony.com/facts-about-good-gum-health-thatll-keep-you-up-at-night/https://youtu.be/ofV9A1z7vz8


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