Teeth Whitening for Kids and Teens

February 21, 2019, Implant Dentistry in Brooklyn

Teeth Whitening for Kids and Teens
Teeth Whitening for Kids and Teens
Teeth whitening for kids in Brooklyn is quite popular. You may not need emergency dentistry for kids when their teeth turn yellow, but the best kids dentist in Brooklyn can tell if there are any underlying conditions causing the discoloration. How to whiten kids’ teeth is a specialty of pediatric urgent care in Brooklyn, such as at Family Cosmetic & Implants Dentistry of Brooklyn. While it’s best to wait until your kids’ permanent teeth come in, your children’s dentist in Brooklyn should be the one to provide the whitening at any age to prevent side effects.

When a child’s permanent teeth come in, they usually don’t look as white as baby teeth. Parents are often not happy with this development and may consult a pediatric dentist about teeth whitening for kids. There are a variety of tooth whitening products available over the counter in Brooklyn, NYC, but many have chemicals that may be harmful to your children. Wait and rely on the advice of the best pediatric dentist before making any decisions.

Teeth normally turn yellow or grayish as you get older. Even for children, teeth are not naturally pure white. There are a wide variety of natural shades of teeth, including shades of yellow, beige and gray. The best dentist for kids helps you choose the most natural look for your kids and their well-being.

How Teeth Whitening Works
To answer the question of how to whiten kids’ teeth, the process uses peroxide-based bleaching agents applied to the teeth. This procedure can be done at home or by a dental professional. At-home solutions contain up to 20 percent peroxide, while in-office systems may contain as much as twice that amount.

The longer bleaching solutions are left on the teeth, the whiter they become. When whitening is performed by a special needs pediatric dentist, results are usually seen faster than when treatments are done at home. The process can be accelerated using light, heat or both — although this usually requires several office visits.

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