Take Your Child to an Allergist If You Notice These Symptoms

February 25, 2019, Dentistry

Take Your Child to an Allergist If You Notice These Symptoms
Take Your Child to an Allergist If You Notice These Symptoms
We are all accustomed to thinking about allergies as something very clearly manifested and understandable.

Some rash on the skin, itch, sneezing, teary eyes, swollen mucosas or even asphyxia - we know for sure that these are the symptoms of an allergy. Without these symptoms - no allergy, everything’s simple.

Unfortunately, it’s not. Allergy is a very sneaky disease that can wait for a chance to take over you. Different products and substances may cause it to react all of the sudden, even if earlier your contact with them brought you no discomfort at all. In addition, the symptoms may be present, but not those that you expect.

Be Attentive to Your Children’s Reactions

Children are especially vulnerable to allergens in the world that surround them. Their immune system is underdeveloped and cannot fully function, like in adults. This is why you should introduce any new food to their menu very carefully. There is a list of the most allergenic products with the recommended age for the introduction.

However, not only food can become an allergen. Plants, pets, even the usual house dust can cause an allergic reaction. It can be sudden or develop with time. It is important to notice the symptoms and remove the allergen before things get worse.

Less Know Allergy Symptoms

These may look like totally other diseases but may be caused by an allergy. You should take your child to an allergist if you notice one or several of them, especially if you have plants or pets at home.

General weakness

Your child seems worried, tired or sleepy. It is because of the discomfort caused by an allergy. If it’s a toddler, he or she may throw tantrums and have sleep problems. In older children, you can notice a lack of concentration, fatigue, and inertness.

Mouth Breathing

Normally people breathe through their nose. Mouth breathing often occurs as a result of swollen nasal mucosa that doesn’t let the child breathe properly. Mouth breathing is dangerous because it distorts the child’s occlusion. Sometimes an allergy is diagnosed by the kids' orthodontist, to whom parents take their child with already distorted teeth rows.

Stuffed nose

Stuffed nose a usual a symptom of the common cold, together with a sore throat, fever and joint pain. But sometimes it can occur because of the swollen mucosa from the allergic reaction.

Remember! Even if your child hasn’t shown any signs of allergy before, it doesn’t mean it will never occur. Different factors may influence its development. It is important to find out what the allergens are.

What If It’s a Child’s Best Furry Friend?

Of course, it would be too cruel to separate them. But it will require more effort from you to keep the situation under control. You will have to vacuum more often, get an air purifier and reduce the physical contacts of your child with the animal. In addition, consult your allergist and choose antihistamines to help your child with the allergy.


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