Dental Marketing Trends to Try This 2019

March 28, 2019, My Digital Dentistry

The past years have shown us just how much valuable digital marketing trends are in boosting business performance and building brand awareness. Although traditional marketing methods still work for many dental practices, more modern methods of marketing are showing us that there are more efficient and cost-effective ways to do things.

These new dental marketing trends will give you more reasons to level up your digital dental marketing game.

Educating patients through the Internet

Consumer these days are wiser and more curious. Whenever they come across dental problems or find interest in a specific cosmetic dentistry procedure, they often feel the need to know more about it first. And where do they go for information? The Internet, of course.

Patient education has become the new go-to marketing tactic for many dental practices. The help-instead-of-sell approach proved to be more effective especially with the younger generation. Funny but true; most millennials run the other way as soon as they sense a sales pitch coming.

So yes, education is key. But instead of merely showcasing your services and the latest dental innovations on blogs and websites, dental professionals should focus more on publishing content that answers patients’ questions and addresses their needs.

Capture interest with more visual content

Blogs, articles, and other forms of text-based content are great ways to ensure that consumers are updated and well-informed, but they can be a “snooze-fest” for some. If you really want to grow your brands’ awareness and capture the attention of as many people as possible, why don’t you try more creative means of producing content?

Surveys show that most millennials prefer to consume their information through online videos. Video marketing has been generating a lot of traffic for many companies lately. If you haven’t tried it for your dental practice yet, you could be missing out.

Apart from videos, there’s another marketing trend that’s slowly becoming a hit – interactive content. Detailed surveys, quizzes, infographics, and assessments are just a few examples of how you can deliver customized experiences that educate and entertain at the same time.

Building brand awareness through social media

Who's not on social media? Even kids and seniors have their own Facebook and Instagram pages. That said, there’s no better way to promote your brand and build awareness around your latest services than through social media platforms.

A more affordable alternative to video marketing would be filming live Facebook and Instagram videos where you answer FAQs, present new dental technologies or procedures, or show a sneak-peek of your daily work process. These strategies are simple but effective in increasing both your online visibility and number of followers.

Social media presence does more than let people know you exist. It also makes your practice look more relatable and approachable. Also, people nowadays use social media to gather insights and reviews. So, make sure to pay enough attention to your social media pages.

Chatbots for better customer support

Chatbots started gaining popularity around the end of 2017, but these days, even small businesses are beginning to use them as well. With a 24/7 A.I. chat-support, your practice can provide your website and social media visitors the information and assistance they need no matter what time it is!

As dental professionals, keep in mind that the success of your practice largely depends on how effective your customer service strategy is. Chatbots would come in very handy for appointment bookings and answering basic inquiries. These will help keep your business going even when you’re occupied.

Digital marketing trends have helped countless dentists grow their practices. However, these trends are called "trends" for a reason – they come and go. What might have worked for you last year may not be as effective this year. That said, you must always be on the lookout for new ways to better your online marketing strategies and keep patients coming through your doors.


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