Improving Dental Health With Cosmetic Dentistry

March 29, 2019, Cosmetic Dentist in Scottsdale

Improving Dental Health With Cosmetic Dentistry
Improving Dental Health With Cosmetic Dentistry

At the first mention of the phrase “cosmetic dentistry,” the first things that will immediately enter your mind would probably be dental procedures that will improve the way your teeth look, and you would be right. The “cosmetic” in cosmetic dentistry indeed primarily refers to the ways to improve the appearance of one’s smile. Whether it’s simple teeth whitening or dental implant surgery, a cosmetic dentistry procedure always aims to give a patient the best possible smile he or she can flash.

Dismissing cosmetic dentistry as nothing more than a way to feed one’s vanity, however, would be very wrong. Cosmetic dentistry as it stands today is so much more instrumental to dental health than you think. You can, in fact, improve dental health with cosmetic dentistry procedures such as the installation of braces and straightening teeth.

If you want to know how cosmetic dentistry can boost your dental health, take a look at the following:

It helps you fight cavities
Many people who have crooked or misaligned teeth might think that they’re fine as long as they follow all the rules of good oral hygiene. The problem with misaligned teeth, however, is that they can make a person prone to cavities. Crooked teeth present areas that are harder to reach, and cavities can grow in those places and eventually lead to periodontal problems.

Visit your neighborhood cosmetic dentist to help you straighten your teeth using braces or even Invisalign (a type of clear, removable braces), and protect yourself from cavities.

It can relieve you of headaches and jaw pain
People with misaligned teeth aren’t just prone to cavities. They’re also likely to suffer headaches every so often. They may also experience pain in the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. If you have crooked teeth and you constantly experience headaches and jaw pain, you might want to undergo teeth straightening procedures for relief.

It prevents further dental damage
Do your teeth have worn edges or hairline fractures? A cosmetic dentistry procedure called dental bonding can help retain the natural structure of your teeth, so cracked or chipped teeth won’t take a turn for the worse.

It improves your bite
If you have an overbite, then you probably avoid biting down on any kind of hard or crunchy food because your unbalanced bite can cause damage to your teeth. The same goes for people with underbites, crossbites, and dental crowding. Cosmetic dentistry can correct whatever issues you may have with your bite. You can go for braces, while those with severe overbites that already cause jaw problems may opt for surgery.

It gives you a chance for new teeth
No, we’re not talking about dentures, which are certainly temporary. We’re talking about dental implants, which are permanent. As the phrase suggests, this cosmetic dentistry procedure requires the surgical implantation of metal (typically titanium), screw-like posts into your jawbone, with the express intention of replacing your lost teeth for good.

With a dental implant, you should be able to, among other things, chew food better, which in turn aids your digestion. Of course, new teeth also means the restoration of your smile.

It helps boost overall health
Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t just improve dental health. Undergoing cosmetic dentistry procedures that make your oral and dental health better also betters your chances of avoiding illnesses such as heart disease and strokes.  Research has shown that there is a link between cardiovascular diseases and the inflammation and infections that can be caused by oral bacteria.

So take good care of your mouth with the help of cosmetic dentistry, and take good care of your overall wellness as well, with a lovely smile to boot!


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