Benefits Of Clear Braces For Adults

April 01, 2019, 3V Dental Associates

Clear Invisalign braces for adults
Clear Invisalign braces for adults
If you missed the braces boat as a child or teen, no need to worry. Advancements in adult teeth alignment technology makes it easier than ever for adults to get that perfectly straight smile.

Straight teeth and a beautiful smile are confidence builders for people of all ages. Sometimes the cost or time commitments of braces are not available in childhood. As a result, men and women have entered adulthood with a less than perfect smile and a complex about their crooked teeth.

It is never too late to have a beautiful smile. More adults than ever before are taking advantage of the affordability of braces to obtain a healthy smile and straight teeth. Clear braces for adults have increased in popularity over the past several years, and the trend is likely to continue due to the overwhelmingly popular results. While clear braces would be considered a form of cosmetic dentistry, the process doesn't need to carry the "cosmetic" cost!


The fields related to Orthodontic treatment have spread rapidly in recent years and this has increased the opportunity for more adult treatments options. Clear braces are probably the number one requested orthodontic treatment for adults. Dentists continue to receive a large number of inquires from adults regarding treatment options for straightening and whitening teeth.

Aside from cosmetic dentistry procedures, the application of clear braces for adults has quickly risen to be the most popular procedure among the population. There are several options available, and many different types of clear braces to choose from. The Invisalign brand remains the most popular with patients and dentists, but there are also other brands to consider.

Types of Clear Braces

A quick glance at any brochure during a visit to the dentist will reveal the number of brands that are entering the clear braces genre. Although there are many different styles to choose from, the Invisalign option seems to have the most feedback from satisfied customers.

Simpli and Smile Direct Club have both entered the realm of orthodontic treatments for adults in the past few years. Along with other cosmetic enhancing dental procedures, these options are designed for professional adults that do not have much free time to designate to complicated procedures or multiple and lengthy dentist appointments. The option to order your perfect smile by mail is now available to many residents.

Benefits of Clear Braces

Orthodontic treatment has never looked better than with the clear options, such as Invisalign, now available. The biggest benefit of the clear version is that there are no unsightly wires or brackets to interfere with talking or chewing. This has been the major drawback for many professional adults who chose to forego treatment because they had a fear of looking juvenile or perhaps even vain.

The dental procedures for many cosmetic treatment plans have been enhanced by modern technology and continue to improve each year. Along with the perfection of specific procedures comes the reduced cost of providing such orthodontic or dental care. The affordability factor is another major benefit of receiving treatment today.

Tooth straightening and tooth whitening treatments take much less time to complete than when they were first made available to the general public. The reduced time it now takes for a beautiful smile to become a reality has been a huge impact on the decision for the high number of adults signing up for Invisalign and other alternative braces treatments.

Our Invisalign Process

After an initial consultation, we can determine the best options for your specific needs. Upon the application of the first Invisalign treatment, we encourage you to live life as normal, eating, drinking, and smiling as you would any other day. As the teeth begin to shift into a more aesthetically pleasing formation, we will make adjustments as necessary to continue the process of alignment.

Total treatment time varies by patient and the structure of the teeth, as well as adherence to the treatment plan. Most patients see results within a few weeks, and the final product is delivered within several months to two years.


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