Pediatric Dentistry It does not stop at Brushing Twice a day

April 05, 2019,

Pediatric Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry
When we are growing up, the first thing our parents teach us is overall hygiene. It forms a base to so many important things—good health, discipline, civilization, and social acceptance.

When we are growing up, the first thing our parents teach us is overall hygiene. It forms a base to so many important things—good health, discipline, civilization, and social acceptance. One of the most crucial things our parents teach us, however, is the one we forget very quickly. We are talking about your oral health.

Oral hygiene is crucial in every sense. What starts with brushing twice a day for the rest of your life, ends with, surprise—lost teeth and bad oral health. But the question is how did it go wrong? You brushed your teeth just like your parents told you to, stopped chewing on hard candies to save yourself from toothache, and your oral hygiene still takes a toll on you!

The answer to this question is relatively straightforward. Brushing your teeth is just not enough, and it’s just a tip of the toothpaste. There’s a lot more to be covered which shall last throughout a person’s life. But to make it useful, we need to teach them young and tune them early—that is what experts at Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics believe.

Oral hygiene is need of the hour for babies, kids, adults and old people. But kids, in particular, should be aware of it. That is why pediatric dentists are of utmost importance. Just teaching kids to brush their teeth won’t make things right; you have to set appointments with pediatric dentists to prepare them what it’s about.

Dear Kids, Just brushing your Teeth won’t do it

When the first tooth pops out, parents get all excited about it. And when after some time, the whole crown of white pearls start showing, problems follow from behind. Toothaches, cavities, swollen gums, and whatnot are some examples of what happens to kids and their teeth even if they stick to brushing their teeth.

That is why it is in the best interest of both kids and their parents to bring these activities into the daily routine, apart from twice-a-day brush fest


Flossing one’s teeth is an underrated activity that is often overlooked by adults, let alone those little kids. But we can set records straight if we teach them a good habit of flossing teeth every time they brush those white pearls. Flossing removes plaque and food that’s stuck in no time.


We get it kids hate gargling out water and mouthwash is nothing less than a risk. Toothpaste prevents bad breath and gives a fresh sensation for the day ahead. There are tonnes of kids-friendly tubes of toothpaste in the market. For more information on which one is the best, contact Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics through their live chat assistance portal.


Just because kids are following a strict brush, floss and mouthwash combo, doesn’t mean that they should be given a free hand on their diet. Keep a cap on sugar intake, candy binge fests and most importantly, hard foods.


The pediatric dentist shouldn’t be on your speed dial or something, but a monthly dentist visit is exceptionally crucial to keep a check on your child’s oral health. The best kids dentist in all of Atlanta right now is Kids Happy Teeth. This team of highly dedicated pediatric dentists would love to scan your kid for any oral problems that might be brewing up inside.

What happens when I take my kid to the Orthodontist?

Various things go on at a pediatric dentists office. Apart from a luxurious ambiance that does not even feel like a dentist office, a pediatric dentist provides a three sixty degrees checkup of your kid’s mouth.

Here’s how it goes

  • It starts with regular Teeth checkup. Generally, an XRay scan of baby patient’s teeth is taken, and then it’s checked in terms of hygiene. The talented team of pediatric dentists at Kids Happy Teeth keeps kids engaged with questions and witty answers.
  • In the case of cavities, the whole process is planned out to eradicate them in the easiest way possible. In case of milk teeth, tooth-removal is preferred ahead of anything else.
  • Gums are the place where it all brews up. That is why a thorough gum checkup makes sure that any internal bleeding is discovered before it becomes too much of a problem.
  • If braces are needed, then the pediatric dentist preps up the kid for it and talks parents through the whole process.

Dental Hygiene starts at the Dentist’s  
You should take all necessary steps to make sure that your kids follow dental hygiene schedule regularly. But it’s incomplete without a dentist’s visit. If you can’t decide on an Orthodontist, go for Kids Happy Teeth. They’ll be more than happy to fix up your baby’s smile!



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