Have kids who hate brushing their teeth and always seem to throw a fuss ?

Say goodbye to the mess and drama with Kangaroo Oral Care.

Kangaroo Oral Care is a brand new toothbrush that has all the amazing features your child will love. With 7 multi-led color lights and an automatic toothpaste dispenser inside, it's guaranteed to make sure your kids have fun brushing their teeth while also making no mess at all. That’s right, no mess at all thanks to the toothpaste dispenser in each brush. Just give the brush a twist and the toothpaste comes out right onto the bristles.

What makes the Kangaroo Oral Care Brush different than other toothbrushes? The toothpaste inside each toothbrush is a fluoride sparkling bubble gum flavor. It has a two minute timer built in so your children know when to stop, a tongue cleaner, and soft bristles that’ll ensure your children aren’t brushing too hard. The brush is excellent for teaching healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle, it’ll make your kids actually enjoy brushing twice a day.

The brush comes in two fun neon colors, pink and green. Each has a rubber grip handle on them so it’ll fit comfortably in your child’s hand, no slipping and no mess. Just another great thing about the Kangaroo Oral Care Brush.

This brush was created by Jaime Frand, a registered nurse who wants to help make brushing easier for both his patients, and his own children. It doesn’t make just the children’s lives easier though, it also makes it easier for the parents too!

If you’re a parent and you have a young child, you more than likely know the difficulties of getting them to brush their teeth in the morning and at night. You know it’s tough to get them to brush for as long as they should or to even use as much toothpaste as they should. With this brush, you can forget all the worries.

The Kangaroo Oral Care Brush is deigned in such a fun yet hygienic way that your kids will enjoy brushing their teeth. It won’t be a hassle in the morning and at night, they’ll actually look forward to it. It’s not just a toothbrush, it become more fun with all the cool features, colors, and flashing lights for them.

This brush is currently listed on Kickstarter, and if you’d like to make a pledge you can receive your set by June of this year. You can pledge to receive one, two, four, ten, and even twenty toothbrushes if you’d like. The brush is more than affordable, so don’t waste time in purchasing one before it’s too late!

If you’re looking for a great toothbrush to make your kid’s love brushing their teeth, or to even eliminate the mess you see every morning and night, the Kangaroo Oral Care Brush is a perfect choice for you and your child. You’ll find that they’ll have fun taking care of their teeth and they’ll keep the bathroom clean.


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