5 Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners vs Metal Braces

June 03, 2019, 3V Dental Associates

5 Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners vs Metal Braces
5 Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners vs Metal Braces
Who doesn't want beautiful, straight teeth? Straight teeth look more aesthetically pleasing and are a lot easier to get completely clean. Most people aren't born with perfect teeth, so they need special help from an orthodontist or dental professional to achieve nice teeth. While traditional braces used to be the norm to fix crooked teeth, Invisalign aligners are a new alternative and they offer many advantages. Here are just five of the reasons why you may want to choose Invisalign clear aligners over metal braces.

1. They Look Nicer and Less Noticeable

Traditional metal braces can look quite unattractive. Many adults opt not to have them because of how unsightly they look. They require the mouth to be filled with lots of small chunks of metal and colored bands. They can also get food stuck in them quite often, which can be embarrassing since it's hard for the wearer to notice it is there. Invisalign is clear and virtually unnoticeable. It often appears as if the wearer has nothing in their mouth at all, which makes this a much more attractive option.

2. They are More Comfortable

While orthodontic work never comes with zero pain, Invisalign is a lot more comfortable than metal braces. Traditional metal braces have plenty of downside, and cannot be removed until the treatment is completely over. Invisalign aligners can be removed at any time. If the user wishes to remove them in order to eat, clean their teeth, or ease some discomfort, they are able to do so. Invisalign is also less bulky and made of a plastic-like material, which makes it more comfortable than the metal chunks that come with traditional braces.

3. They are Safer

One of the other benefits of Invisalign is that they are safer than metal braces. Metal braces contain wires and pieces of metal that stick out. These can puncture or scratch the mouth. Clear versions do not include any type of metal or sharp edges that could cut the mouth. Metal braces can also inhibit your ability to clean your teeth properly and cause any decaying teeth to demineralize. Most dental professionals recommend using a water pick or other special teeth cleaning equipment in order to properly clean in between your wires and metal pieces. This unfortunately comes at an added cost to the wearer. Clear versions can be completely removed so that you can clean your teeth much better than you ever would be able to with metal versions.

4. You'll Know Exactly What Will Happen Before You Begin Treatment

Unlike with traditional tooth alignment methods, one of the benefits of the Invisalign method is that the setup process is all computerized. A treatment is all planned out before the product even enters your mouth. Traditional methods often tend to change as the product works to move your teeth. This doesn't give you a very clear picture of how long your treatment plan may last.

5. Your Teeth Will Become Straight Faster

Traditional teeth straightening methods performed by a dentist can take up to 5 years in some cases. Many times, patients must undergo many other procedures to move their teeth into the correct position before braces are even put on. Treatment methods often change as time goes on as well. With Invisalign, since the process is already planned out in a computerized fashion, the smile improvement process typically only takes one year to one and a half years to completely change your smile.

If you're considering dental work to improve your smile, be sure to discuss the benefits of Invisalign with your dentist at 3V Dental, your local Port Washington dental team. They will be able to provide you with more information about the process and help you determine whether it's right for you.


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