Teeth Cleaning

June 04, 2019, Soho Smile

Teeth Cleaning
Teeth Cleaning
Teeth Cleaning by Sohosmile in NYC

When you build a relationship with your dentist, you get to visit them two to three times a year for regular checkups. Part of those visits involve a professional teeth cleaning. Your SoHo dentist or hygienist rids your teeth of plaque and tartar that regular brushing and flossing can’t reach. If you have extensive plaque or calculus, a deep teeth cleaning may be necessary, but even for this procedure, your teeth cleaning cost often is picked up by your insurance carrier. Keep your teeth clean and healthy. Come in for a cleaning today!


Teeth Cleaning


Cleaning your teeth at home, at least twice a day, contributes to a fresh, beautiful smile and to your overall oral health. This daily regimen involves not only brushing, but also flossing and rinsing with a non-alcoholic, dentist-approved mouthwash. When you begin and end each day with clean teeth and stimulated gums, you’re maintaining your dental health and bright smile.

But even good at-home oral health habits aren’t enough. A professional cleaning by a certified dental hygienist, at least twice a year, is equally important. If you haven’t had a professional cleaning in several years or if you suffer from gum disease, you need to make an appointment to have your teeth cleaned and examined right away. Gum disease only gets worse if you ignore it, and it can lead to the loss of your teeth!

Dr. John Koutsoyiannis at Sohosmile recommends professional teeth cleaning that does more than at-home cleaning can do. For example, a good cleaning:

Eliminates plaque, a sticky substance containing bacteria that eats away your enamel
Removes tartar build-up, plaque that has hardened and leads to a need for gum disease treatment
Gets rid of coffee, tea or other stains on your teeth
Cleans plaque and tartar from below your gum line
Checksfor receding gums, chipped or broken teeth and dangerous tooth infections

The Teeth Cleaning Procedure

Typically, cleanings last between 45 and 60 minutes in the Sohosmile office. New patients take slightly longer — from 60 to 80 minutes. During your procedure, your hygienist or dentist uses a combination of light, targeted water sprays, small dental instruments and polishes. If you have gingivitis or periodontal disease, a deep teeth cleaning may be necessary.

Once your teeth have been cleaned, they’re flossed and inspected. You may also receive a recommended fluoride treatment. Professional fluoride treatments are stronger than over-the-counter products and protect your teeth from cavities. These treatments take only a few minutes to administer.

If you dentist or hygienist suspects that you have cavities during your cleaning, you may need x-rays. Dr. John typically inspects your teeth more closely to determine the location and extent of the decay. A cavity filling  follows to protect the tooth and clear away any decayed matter.


Does Teeth Cleaning Hurt?

A regularly scheduled cleaning as part of your biannual visit normally doesn’t hurt. If a significant amount of plaque or tartar has built up on your teeth — or if there are deep pockets in the gums around your teeth — a deep teeth cleaning is necessary. Trust your dentist to know how best to protect your oral health.

Most people experience very little discomfort when having their teeth cleaned, and any health risks from the procedure are negligible. A daily regime of brushing and flossing minimizes your discomfort by maintaining your dental health.


The Benefits of a Cleaning

Fresher breath and a whiter, brighter smile are just two benefits of professional teeth cleaning. Removing plaque and tartar also removes millions of bacteria that live and grow in your mouth. This improves your overall dental and medical health and reduces the need for more dental procedures.

Regular cleanings from your dentist at Sohosmile prevents other, more serious dental issues that can be painful, expensive and time-consuming. Once you lose a tooth, for example, you often have to replace it with implants,  or a bridge. Avoid the pain and cost of these procedures. Protect your natural teeth with professional cleanings.


Teeth Cleaning Cost

Regular teeth cleaning costs are covered by most insurance plans, since it’s a normal part of maintaining your oral health. In comparison to fillings, crowns and other more invasive procedures, your teeth cleaning cost is relatively inexpensive. Check with our office to confirm your out-of-pocket expenses.

Deep teeth cleaning is a more extensive procedure to remove plaque and tartar. It’s more expensive, but also is routinely covered by insurance. To make sure your teeth and gums are healthy, make your appointment today  at Sohosmile,  conveniently located on 206 Spring Street in Manhattan. The office serves patients throughout the area’s neighborhoods, including:

Downtown NYC
The Financial District
Greenwich Village
Hudson Square
West Village
South Village
Battery Park City

More info: https://www.sohosmile.com/cosmetic-dentistry/teeth-cleaning-lower-manhattan-downtown-nyc/

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