Is smoking really bad for good for you

June 08, 2019, Crawford and O brein

Is smoking really bad for good for you
Is smoking really bad for good for you
Oftentimes you have seen people missing their important schedule to smoke. Now it’s really like what is he doing for the non- smokers. But when asked to a group of smokers they inadvertently replied smoking is just the oxygen of their life and they can’t think a day without having a cigarette in hand. In fact, a smoker feels so overwhelmed when he receives a packet of cigarette as a gift. Well, today will enlighten readers on why do people get that feeling who smoke.


Frees one from stress:

For those who are smoke freak will always find a way to get the cigarette. Even if he does not have, he will look for the counter smoking. However, have you ever thought why so? Actually, the stress level triggers people to smoke. On a psychological front as the people starts to smoke it somehow gives the brain a signal that everything is cool now and the nerves literally calm down with the entry of nicotine in the brain. Therefore, you can say smoking is a stress reducer.

Makes one unite socially:

Honestly, a cigarette can make someone intimate or help build a new social circle as well. In fact, smoking makes you interact freely with people and establish yourself as a socialized smoker among friends. For example, you are in a group, which mostly takes black and mild flavors tobacco cigarettes, you too will feel the urge of taking the same. Honestly, it offers you a chance to open up a conversation and reduce shyness. In fact, let you bond with others without any kind of inhibition.

Let you think deeply:

Many times you have heard a writer saying that he can't delve to cultivate new ideas unless a cigarette is lighted. Well, that is true the nicotine in the tobacco has a huge role to play in that case. When received by the brain it eventually soothes the nerve, which is why you start to think profoundly. No matter whatever task you are referred to, you will think that in a fertile way to provide the best output.

Gives a feeling of satisfaction:

Prolonged office hours actually keep you overloaded, and you simply feel like to escape. But the moment you take a break to smoke, frankly speaking, you feel so refreshed and rejuvenated. Now, why this happens? Actually, the nicotine in the tobacco impacts the brain receptors which minimizes the tension and stress. Thus, give you a feeling that you are highly satisfied with life. On top of that, you also feel like everything so fulfilling and life is full of ecstasy.

Makes light-headed:

Do you ever hear people who actually smoke often says that feeling so light? Now in reality smoking does give that light-headed feel to the smoker. It is again because of the chemical nicotine which when inhaled makes the smoker dizzy for a certain period. Well, that is due to the amazing equation the nicotine shares with the receptors present in the brain. In fact, smokers not only feel light headed for a time but also feel like life is so pleasing also.

Highly energetic:

Smoking does give that highly energetic feeling to the smoker. It is because of the optimum level of the nicotine present in the tobacco. The moment the smoker smokes, he actually feels so comfortable it because of the release of the nicotine chemical. And by the time the cigarette reaches its last shot, the smoker starts to feel like unpleasing. But once the course of smoking is done somehow a trace of energy and freshness can be found among the smokers. In fact, office workers are more prone to this routine because this energizes their mind to a great extent.

Thus, these are obvious reasons that prove why smoking is actually good for you. 


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