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Dentaire Tools

Dentaire ToolsDentaire Tools


As a specialist with many years of experience as part of the international market is an independently-owned company.
This is our family business and we are the 3rd generation in this field.

Roras Road, Shahab Pura, Sialkot 51310,Pakistan

Our Merits:

The development and manufacture of high-quality dental instruments, we know the requirements of our customers with regard to processing and quality and set the highest standards in the manufacture of our products for human.

The company success though, is due to the support of health authorities which have recognized our compromised to quality and punctuality.

We are interested not only to sale our products but also build a good and long-term relationship with our customers

Your expectations and your satisfaction are our benchmark – our goal is to exceed both.
Strong technological background 24/7 availability

The Customer Comes First:

At Dentairetools, the principle of client focus determines the pertinence of each and every action we undertake.

Our aim is to enable our clients to stand out from the crowd in their own markets, by offering them an optimized instruments production platform thanks to our attentive labour, steadfast processes and excellent service.

By developing the best solutions to suit our client’s needs, a process in which they are actively involved, we contribute on a day-to-day basis towards their success.

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Dental services

Dental Instruments Producer
Selling Premium Quality Of Dental Instruments with New Techniques Of CAD/CAM Services and CNC Machining.

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Type: Dental company
Country: Pakistan
Address: Sialkot, Roras Road, Shahab Pura
Telephone: 3249657257
Languages spoken: English, Urdu

Working hours
09 - 18 h.
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