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Dental Consumer Factor

Dental Consumer Factor Dental Consumer Factor is a free educational blog helping solve the #1 problem dental professionals (Dentists, Orthodontists, Hygienists, Assistants, Receptionists and many more) are faced with today.

What is it?

The fact consumers do not value dentistry and view it as costly, optional and painful. This is proven by the fact only 50% of consumers (Source: Dental Economics) visit a dentist and far less spend money on their necessary treatment plan. This affects every dental practice in a multitude of ways and every company within the dental profession. We educate and teach dental professionals how to place more value on dentistry with a specific focus on consumer tendencies pertaining to the biology of the brain. These teachings enable dental professionals to place value on dentistry in the minds of consumers unlike ever before.

Join us in learning how to place more value in the minds of consumers as it pertains to every aspect of the entire dental profession. ​

Meet the Owner of

Brian Wright has devoted his passion for growing businesses to the Dental and Medical Profession internationally in a multitude of capacities for the past 15 years. He is a national keynote speaker and his business executive experience has included roles as President, CEO, Vice-President, COO and Director of Global Operations for companies in and outside of healthcare. His diverse business background provides a unique perspective never before available to dental professionals. His expertise includes consumer behavior and employee motivation pertaining to the biology of the brain, business development, marketing, protocol implementation, statistical analysis, business coaching, sales and more. 

Outside of his professional interests, Mr. Wright loves spending time with his wife Kristen and their baby Brayden. Mr. Wright spent time as a professional baseball umpire and remains very close to the game today. He spends time raising money for children who cannot afford to play baseball (or any other sport of their choice), coaching baseball utilizing very unique methods focusing mainly on the mental side of the game and umpiring baseball (Little League, High School and College).


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