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The Dentatech is a medical research company in Turin (Italy) who commissioned to NRC (National Research Council of Italy), the study for the synthesis and characterization of a hydrogel for the topical and controlled release antibiotic.In particular, the research was conducted in the Institutes of Materials Biotechnology and Clinical Physiology. From this study, lasted more than six years, was born Aevizol®.Totally Italian Research.

In Aevizol converge higher studies of Biotechnology and Chemistry Advanced. Indeed, it is among the few products counted in TCA (Advanced Chemical Technology).Aevizol is the most advanced product on the international market and is the practical and scientific response to the treatment of periodontitis, peri-implantitis and all those cases where there are mainly anaerobic bacterial outbreaks. In the international arena there is no therapy comparable to Aevizol for efficiency, functionality and ease of use. Internationally, there is no therapy like Aevizol.
Aevizol hydrogel is the most important innovation in the dental industry  in XXI century. It 's scientific cutting edge! Aevizol is, due to its inherent characteristics, a Product - System and is covered by patent.

Aevizol is a hydrogel sealant, which containsMetronidazole Cross-Linked to topical release, controlled and constant in doses of 1.2 mg per day (2400 times less than the systemic dose) and without interruptions. The metronidazole was dissolved in water for the first time; never before he had been able to do so. Aevizol is composed of 90% water.
The Cross-link is a kind of grid that prevents disintegration and restrains the active ingredient. Visually the hydrogel Aevizol from status condition "soft" is transformed, instantaneously, in a "consistent gum" that remains three weeks in the periodontal pocket or the site where the application runs. In these three weeks there is the constant and controlled release of the antibiotic. The crosslinking is a feature "extraordinary and peculiar" of Aevizol.

Patients who are treated with Aevizol, the first result they get is pain relief in 30-60 minutes, until it disappears. This means that the active ingredient immediately begins to remediate the infected site, by anaerobic bacteria. The application of Aevizol allows to treat pockets PPD of 12-14 mm and achieve significant reductions in two or three weeks.

Aevizol Hydrogel is the most Advanced Periodontal Therapy esistent in international area. Aevizol is Innovative Topical Nonsurgical Therapy.

Dentatech is owner of AEVIZOL®Hydrogel Aevizol Hydrogel is the most Advanced Periodontal Therapy esistent in international area. Aevizol is Innovative Topical Therapy Nonsurgical.


Aevizol is a sealing hydrogel for periodontal pockets, is a ready-to-use product for topical application.
It performs a protection and sealing action against food and bacterial load infiltrations in periodontal pockets or whatever cavity for implants of dental prosthesis, by carrying out a support and strengthening action on the metrodinazole antibiotics action.
This sealing hydrogel for periodontal pockets is recommended for the reduction and elimination of the pockets themselves and for favouring the osseous reinforcement around the tooth root. This process is induced by the gel protection action (filling and mucoadhesiveness) together with the increase of the antibiotic bioavailability originated from the biomimetic properties of the polymers used.
Its use can be associated with dental scaling and root planing treatments.


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AEVIZOL is the present and the future of Periodontal Therapy

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