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DentEmploy CanadaDentEmploy Canada

Digi-Dent Systems and Solutions has been providing Dental Clinics with various products and services in Canada for the last 12 years. Our mission is to provide unique and innovative solutions with two major goals:

  • 1. Provide products and services that will Lower Dental Clinic Operating Costs by increasing procedural efficiencies and giving clinic owners subscription based operational support that focuses on removing many business operational functions from the clinic owners and allowing them to spend more time helping patients resolve thier dental issues.
  • 2. Provide innovative products and services that will Increase Dental Clinic Profits. We strive to provide subscription based tools and support services that are either not currently being offered in the North American Dental Industry; or are currently available at cost prohibative prices. Every product or service we currently offer, or have plans to introduce to Canadian Dental Clinics in the next 10 years will come with a money back guarantee to generate immediate return on investment with no financial risk to the Dental Clinic.

Dental services

Professional Dental Temporary Workers
We can provide Hygienists, Dental Assistants (Level1 & 2), Dental Receptionists, Various Associate Dentists from General Dentistry, Ortho, Endo, and more...

Free Job Posting Portals for Dental Clinics
If you need new employees, you are welcome to register for a FREE job posting portal. You can make your job advertisement and we will post it on up to 30 job boards in your area. You can manage your applicants, conduct pre-interview screening, interviews and provide job offers all within your portal.

Online Remote Support Services for Dental Clinics.
We offer various secure network and computer monitoring packages to ensure your workstations and server are continuously maintained, virus free and secure from unattended software updates. We can customize your monitoring to ensure that employees do not visit unsecure sites and even notify you if a usb memory stick has been inserted into any of your network devices. Our technicians are trained on most practice management and image aquisition software and we maintain a full library of equipment service manuals and other useful information when you need help and can not reach a technician.

My Dental Buy and Sell Magazine
Our online and paperback printed classified advertising magazine will be ready for Dental Clinics to post their pre-used dental equipment and sell it to other Dental Clinics across Canada. It's a great way to pick up some extra money towards your new purchases instead of trading it in for no value or storing it in you back office. The magazine will have Manufacturer and Dealer New Equipment Advertising and lots of very informative dental product written content including reviews and comparisons of popular brands as well as valuable information on ways to lower your clinic costs and increase your bottom line.

Dental and Medical Cabinetry
We offer both custom as well as a variety of our own unique cabinetry products. Our cabinetry is built to last using high quality materials, microbicidal coatings, artificial stone moulded countertops, touchless controls, built in rear delivery systems, built in electrical components with electrical junction box for rear connection, modular draw organization systems, slide out carts and so much more. We also make a variety of modular carts and a shippable build-it-yourself collection with our own locking mechanisms for easy setup upon arrival.

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Type: Dental company
Country: Canada
Address: Mississauga, 1-1860 Lakeshore Road West
Telephone: 1-800-239-2201
Languages spoken: English

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09 - 18 h.
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