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Dentist Advisory Organization

Dentist Advisory OrganizationDentist Advisory Organization

The Dentist Advisory Organization grew out of a desire to help Dental practices grow their businesses through valuable and actionable information.

We have 2 main missions:

1. To provide Dentists, Office Managers, and Staff with the latest strategies and tactics to assist them in growing their practices.  This could span insights on everything from social media and online advertising to sales processes and obtaining patient referrals.

2. To maximize that growth with our Patient Referral Program, where practices can partner with us to receive as many monthly patient referrals as they want.


Our content facilitates growth while our referral program closes the loop, enabling Dentists and their staff to build their practices efficiently and effectively.


Dental services

Patient Referral Program
Increase new patient calls to your practice with a guaranteed pay-per-referral program.

Google Ads Optimization
One on one call with a Google Ads expert to optimize your ads.

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Type: Dental company
Country: United States
Address: Boulder, 1495 Canyon Blvd, Boulder, CO 80302
Telephone: 720-334-8894
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News and articles by Dentist Advisory Organization

How To Leverage Current Patients For Extra Practice Revenue

Dentists usually want to know how they can get new patients in order to grow their businesses. But it’s important to not forget that optimizing the patients you do have can lead to an optimal revenue per patient number. Can small process changes lead to widespread positive changes related to current patients that will greatly affect your bottom line? We think so… and here’s a few ideas to help start the shift in the right direction…

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