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Fida International

Fida InternationalFida International

FIDA INTERNATIONAL Surgical Dental Instruments Company is the name of your confidence & satisfaction, we strengthen our position as a leading of Professional High-Tech Dental Surgical Instruments Range. They will comply the Exact specification provided by the customer.

FIDA INTERNATIONAL introducing our selves to your esteemed house as one of the prominent self-manufacturers of given below products-Line:

* Dental Implant Surgical Kit
* Dental Implant Tool System
* Dental Implant Instruments
* Dental Prosthetic Kit
* Laparoscopic Instruments
* Surgical Instruments
* Endoscopic Instruments
* Arthroscopic Instruments
* FESS Instruments
* ENT Instruments
* Orthopedic Implant & Instruments
* Titanium Forceps & Scissors
* Electrosurgical Bipolar Forceps
* Liposuction Cannula
* Hemorrhoid Suction Ligator Set
* Dental Implant & Dental Instruments
* Gynecology and Neurosurgical Instruments
* Endoscope, Laparoscope 0, 30, 45, 70 & 90 Degree
* Laryngoscope, Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope, Branchoscope Set

The quality of the FIDA INTERNATIONAL products has helped the company thrive in penetrating new markets throughout Europe, North America, Eastern Europe and the Pacific Rim. The success of FIDA INTERNATIONAL products has been made possible because:

*  Research and production teams are in close contact with the end user. This permits us to be at the cutting edge of instrument production and assists in the evolution of new techniques for precision production of instruments.

*  We modify existing instruments and create new ones at the behest of our physician advisers.

*  FIDA's quality commitment is paramount at every level of production and distribution of our instruments. We are dedicated to the continued improvement of the instrument line and all personnel are committed to "Quality Control Assurance".

*  Today, FIDA INTERNATIONAL counts on its internal organization (Germany, Italy and North America) and more than 200 dedicated employees and distributors that interact daily with our end users, permitting us to expand and improve our precision instrument product line.

*  Finally, as in any successful partnership, please let us know how we can best serve you. We strive for continuous improvement based on customer input, and we very much look forward to hearing from you.

Your Sincerely,
Mr. Ahmed Fida

Chairman & Managing Director



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Type: Dental company
Country: Pakistan
Address: Sialkot, Amir Street, Ali-ul-Haq Road, Model Town
Telephone: 00923456774411
Languages spoken: English

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