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MI Express Primary Care

MI Express Primary CareMI Express Primary Care

MI Express Primary Care is your trusted healthcare practice for primary care services. Our goal at MI Express Primary Care is to create an exceptional experience for all our patients. Whether it’s an acute illness or chronic care management, our healthcare services are aimed to treat medical conditions and to enhance our patients’ health and wellness.
Our skilled and experienced primary care physicians are committed to giving our patients and their families the best possible medical care. Our team is led by Dr. Umayr Azimi, an experienced board-certified physician.
Our medical facility is equipped with advanced medical equipment to treat multiple primary medical conditions. Our convenient business hours, personalized approach, and our medical team’s expertise ensure exceptional healthcare facilities.
Our primary healthcare services include sore throats, fevers, flu, and related illnesses, workplace injury care and occupational medicine, on-site lab and x-ray services, broken bones and injury care, pediatric care, women’s healthcare,  flu shots and vaccinations, asthma or allergies, skin infections or rashes, gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia, and much more. We also accept health insurance plans to provide affordable medical treatments. 
MI Express Primary Care, Canton, MI, has a holistic approach to wellness and healthcare services for its patients. Call us at 734-339-2661 


Dental services

DOT physicals, Acute Illnesses, and Pain, Allergies & asthma management, Depression, Chronic Care Management, Insomnia, Geriatric Care, Upper respiratory infections

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Type: Dental company
Country: United States
Address: Canton, 44237 Michigan Avenue, Canton, MI
Telephone: 7343392661
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