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Established in 2011, has been specialized in dental equipment for over 8 years. We have been offering high-quality, affordable products and exceptional customer services, which has been widely acclaimed by customers from over 30 countries. Having orders over 1,000,000 these years, business filed have expand to variety of areas. Up to now we seized UK, US, AU, JP and FR marketing, and extend expand more areas. All dental supplies manufactured by different top popular dental brands. If you want to buy dental equipment, our store is definitely a great choice for you: professional customer service, excellent after sales service and prompt delivery with quality guaranteed.

Why Buy Dental Equipment at

Full range of choices offers dental equipment for the dental practice and dental laboratory, and medical equipment for hospitals. More than 1000 products online to choose you.

Best Price undertakes to offer on each of its sales at the most advantageous price. We will guarantee our reasonable prices and you will enjoy a further reduction of 10 % to 25 %.

Free Shipping provides you free shipping to most countries in the world by DHL, FEDEX! Only countries too loins is not included .We assure you timely dispatch to match your program!

Guaranteed quality

We provide high quality products to our customers. All our products are certified by CE, EC, FDC, ISO, RoHS etc. And we can offer electronic certificates. And product must be examined by three main processes in our company before shipping & handling. There are also 3-12 months warranties for all products. If there will be problems with the products you order on our website, thank you to contact our customer service, we will do our best to satisfy you.

30 Days Money back offers a warranty of 3 to 12 months. According to our return policy, all products can be returned for a refund or replacement of the same item or another product similar for the duration of the warranty.


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Type: Dental company
Country: China
Address: chongqing, Yinli Building
Telephone: +1 803 814-4146
Languages spoken: english

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09 - 18 h.
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