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Tuah Herbal

Tuah HerbalTuah Herbal

It was on a New Year’s Eve.

I was celebrating with friends, partying at the Marrakech Cocktail Bar, a club owned by a friend of mine, in Melbourne CBD. We were all laughing and having a wonderful time. I was about to experience my very first Shisha – it was unlike anything I had experienced before. It was magical, exotic, and yes spiritual.

That New Year’s Eve, while partying with my friends, I had an epiphany. It was almost like the Shisha smoke released my imagination. Ideas and plans blended with the plumes of smoke. I knew what I was supposed to do with my life.

Opportunity was knocking and I was listening. I happened to be friends with a Malaysian Shisha supplier, and I had the owners of the Club to help me make my new enterprise, and dream. Supply, demand, and opportunity.

I had heard the phrase, “We don’t choose our life path, it chooses us” although I didn’t really comprehend what that meant, until then.


Dental services

150g Flavors
Tuah Herbal chai 150 g for $28

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Type: Dental company
Country: Australia
Address: Port Melbourne, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207, Australia
Telephone: 61431379161
Languages spoken: English

Working hours
11 am - 8 pm h.
11 am - 8 pm h.
11 am - 8 pm h.
11 am - 10pm h.
11 am - 10pm h.
11 am - 8 pm h.
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