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Veritas Transition Group

Veritas Transition GroupVeritas Transition Group

Veritas Transition Group is a full service firm dedicated to meeting the needs of Professionals in all phases of transitioning their professional practices.  A transition is a change in the direction of the practice.  As practices and doctors age they have a definite life cycle.  At Veritas, we understand the life cycle and can identify the distinct phases in the life cycle of the practice.  Our expertise and experience is used to guide the doctor and the practice through the different phases and to help create a “vision” of the future for the practice and the Senior Doctor.  Our focus is on creating a positive experience for each phase.   Starting with the cornerstone of any transition, the Practice Valuation, we provide guidance and legal counsel in adding an Associate, merging a small practice into a primary practice, selling your practice or structuring a buy-out.  We have expertise in the addition of a partner to a group practice and structuring buy-out options that are fair.  We have valuation and consulting clients in many states around the country. 


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