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At Smile Wide, we know what goes into creating exceptional smiles. All the way from the initial consultation and the preparation, through to the procedure and the aftercare, we understand the dental process and exactly what you need to keep your patients happy.


Dental services

Fixed Braces
At Smile Wide, we believe that poorly-bonded brakets should be a thing of the past. That’s because we use cutting-edge technology that has shown us that it’s entirely possible. All we need are the scan files, cbct, and clinical photos from the dentist and then we’ll turn that data into a super accurate indirect bonding tray – and it takes just 3 days to do this. Once the model is complete, we’ll send it back to the dentist to discuss with their patient. At this point any changes that need to be made can be done without the expense and frustration of making multiple physical models to try and get the best-fit. Compared to the traditional way of bonding fixed braces, our method is faster, cheaper, and streamlines the entire customer journey. If you’ve never tried this method of bonding fixed braces, we’d strongly urge you to contact us for more information – we guarantee you won’t go back!

Clear Aligners
As a dentist, you’ll know that clear aligners are one of the most commonly used form of orthodontic treatment. With new-shaped clear aligners being required every few weeks, it makes sense to get the measurements correct at the first time of asking. This cuts down the amount of work that you have to do and it gives the patient confidence in the process. That’s why, here at Smile Wide, we use measurements taken by you, a qualified professional, to make a computer-aided digital treatment plan of the different shaped clear aligners that your patients will need in the coming weeks and months. This process is so time-efficient and accurate that we can have your digital plan back to you for approval within 72 hours.

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