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Utica Dental Laboratory

Utica Dental LaboratoryUtica Dental Laboratory

Removable - Fixed - Implant Prostheses

Since 1954...

Our Mission:
Utica Dental Lab strives to combine the business values learned over the past 60 years with modern technology and innovation. We are committed to providing our clients superior quality craftsmanship and customer service. We promise to exhaust every option until we find the perfect solution for every case.

Utica Dental Lab was founded in 1954 by Julius F. Weigand. Julius, a World War II Veteran, focused primarily on replacing vulcanite denture bases with pink acrylic. In 1973 his son Robert would join the business. With tireless work ethic and stringent attention to detail, Utica Dental Lab would build a loyal customer base and expand into fixed prosthodontics. In 2003 Robert’s son Matt became a permanent fixture at the lab. Over the next decade, Utica Dental continued to adapt with the rapid advancements in laboratory technology including zirconia crowns, bridges, and full arch prostheses.

In 2013, Utica Dental moved in to a new modern 5,000 sq ft. facility.  Today  Utica Dental is a Full Service Dental Lab offering all types of fixed and removable restorations.


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Type: Dental laboratory
Country: United States
Address: Utica, 302 Genesee St
Telephone: 8667333152
Languages spoken: English

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