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Advanced Periodontics of Washington

Advanced Periodontics of WashingtonAdvanced Periodontics of Washington

At Advanced Periodontics of Washington, we strive to provide all patients with comfortable and stress-free periodontal care. Our Washington dentist office provides a range of services, including soft tissue grafting, dental implant surgery, and gum pocket reduction. Dr. Rustin Levy is our trusted and top-rated periodontist in the 20036 area, with over 20 years of experience. We welcome new patients to our dental practice without referrals, so give us a call today to get started with periodontal treatment in Washington, DC! 


Dental services

Dental Implants
Dental implants are the healthiest, most natural tooth replacement available. They mimic the function of a real tooth, and Dr. Levy recommends them because they help keep your jawbone strong and healthy.

Soft Tissue Grafts
Gum recession occurs when the gum tissue surrounding the teeth pulls back or wears away. The most common cause is periodontal disease, but it can also occur due to over-aggressive brushing, genetics, and even hormonal changes.

Gum Pocket Reduction Surgery
During pocket reduction, Dr. Levy carefully folds back the gum tissue so he can reach into the pocket to eliminate the disease-causing bacteria. He smooths the surfaces of damaged bone, minimizing spots where bacteria can hide and helping gum tissue reattach to the teeth.

Bone Grafting
If our periodontist determines that you don’t have sufficient bone, he will recommend a bone grafting procedure at our Washington dental practice using local anesthesia. Dr. Levy uses bone from your body or donor bone and places it in the tooth socket.

Sinus Grafting
In some cases, bone loss due to periodontal disease or tooth loss occurs in close proximity to the sinuses. The result is insufficient bone into which Dr. Levy can place your implant.

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