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amaya dental clinicamaya dental clinic

Amaya Dental is established with the goal of providing high quality dental care with
precision and excellence. Amaya Dental is founded by Dr. Khushboo Mishra, who is the
recipient of RASHTRIYA SHIKSHA RATAN award by Constitution Club Of India. She has
also been felicitated by many awards and puruskar.
We, at Amaya Dental, follow strict hygiene protocol recommended by the Ministry of Health
& Family Welfare (MoH&FW). Amaya is working towards making this journey easier for
every Indian and help them live healthier and longer lives. It's the journey that takes you to
new destinations every single day, with endless possibilities for life, back of energy,
happiness and hope.
We follow the AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION's new update to office procedures
during covid 19 updated information as the strict protocol. Every practice is different and
unique. Risk assessments are an integral part of ensuring the health, safety and well-being of
everyone within the workplace. We at Amaya Dental Clinic also believe in EVIDENCE
Whether its a routine checkup or a complete Oro facial reconstruction, we focus on quality
and excellence with precision.
We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment planning. We have fine
sets of doctors from different branches under one roof.
The most important skill for dentists may be to learn something new. It's interesting to think
about the changes taking place in our world today, and how the future is coming at us more
quickly than ever before. That's what we are driven for. Experience Digital Dentistry at
Amaya Dental.
Give us the opportunity to serve you. Experience the smile towards life kyuki smile pe sabka
haq hai.
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Notwithstanding upgrades in dental consideration, a huge number of individuals endure tooth misfortune – – for the most part because of tooth rot, periodontal illness, or injury. In case you have at least one missing teeth and are anticipating getting substitutions, it’s presumably reasonable for expecting that you need your new silvery whites to closely resemble – well… teeth. Any sliding around, moving, or dropping out basically won’t do. Also, that’s the advantage of dental implants. They intertwine into, or onto, your jawbone under the gums, working also to the genuine article. Along these lines, regardless of whether you’ve been battling with regular false teeth or scaffolds, or you want a singular crown or two, new dental implants may simply give you something to grin (and bite) about. For a long time, the main treatment choices accessible for individuals with missing teeth were scaffolds and false teeth.

Teeth make up only about 2.5% of the human body’s entire weight, yet they are a crucial foundation for good health. For most people, this includes a lifetime of chewing, biting, and grinding to break down foods and to speak in coherent sentences (a mouthful—literally). But the consequences are serious when jaw issues result from general wear and tear, or from injury or trauma. TMJ disorder is a painful condition where the temporomandibular joint in the head, which connects the upper jawbone to the skull, becomes inflamed. This disorder can cause a great deal of pain due to many factors including grinding and clenching of your teeth or improper positioning of your mouth and jaw.

Making a change for the better has never been so easy! Placing individual, virtually invisible, clear plastic trays made of patented thermoformed material over your teeth, and using our patented vacuum-forming process to gently and quickly move your teeth into place, Invisalign is the most advanced clear aligner system available today. Invisalign is a series of clear, removable aligners worn over the teeth. These invisible retainers are virtually undetectable, helping you gradually straighten your teeth without the use of traditional brackets and wires. There are no metal parts to irritate sensitive gums, and it’s tooth-colored — many people are surprised to find out they’re wearing Invisalign. Invisalign is made from a virtually invisible set of clear trays that straighten your teeth with a series of small, gradual shifts. Moving the trays slow enough to allow your body’s shifts to gradually happen prevents jolts or stresses. When you select Invisalign invisible, fixed orthodontic treatment to create straight teeth, you also can enjoy a new level of confidence in your smile.

Nothing can make you more wonderful than a Beautiful Smile. An unaesthetic grin drops down fearlessness. A new report demonstrated that 83% of individuals accept that the primary thing an individual notification when they see somebody is their grin. Likewise; 99.7 % of grown-ups accept that an incredible grin is a significant social resource. A wonderful grin upgrades your character as well as lifts self-assurance also. Digital Smile Designing are becoming more and more popular, as patients look for treatments that not only improve their smile, but also feel natural. At our practice, we have the latest technology to design a smile that belongs to you and suits your individual features. DSD is a special dental treatment arranging apparatus that reinforces a dental supplier’s demonstrative vision, upgrades consistency, and further develops correspondence between dental suppliers and their patients. A treatment plan is totally founded on an intensive examination of the patient’s dental and facial extents.

You know that your teeth are the way they are because of genes, aging and other things you can’t change. But your smile doesn’t have to be due to those factors. By improving your smile at the same time we remove years of discoloration, your new smile will appear younger. The teeth are the body’s major form of expression. An attractive appearance of proper dentition enhances personal appearance, self-confidence and success. The perfect smile can be yours through the new and exciting field of cosmetic dentistry. A smile makeover is that the process of enhancing the arrival of the smile via one or extra beauty dentistry strategies, together with: Dental veneers Composite bonding Tooth implants Teeth whitening

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