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Bjorklund Dental Designs

Bjorklund Dental DesignsBjorklund Dental Designs

Dr. Bjorklund and his team of dental design experts have been creating new smiles for discriminating adults for nearly 20 years. Thanks to his patient satisfaction and long history helping others in the Minneapolis area, Dr. Bjorklund was among elite Minnesota dentists nominated by the Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine as the Top Dentists for 2009!

If a chipped, broken, or fractured tooth has occurred, porcelain veneers, a crown, or an inlay  can offer you durable protection with an indistinguishable repair. Another important service is careful examination to determine whether you are genetically pre-disposed to tooth decay. Then a custom hygiene treatment plan is created to preserve the health of your natural teeth for the years to come.

If you are missing a tooth, a natural-looking dental implant will help ensure that the surrounding teeth remain healthy, prevent bone loss from aging or altering facial characteristics, and keep your bite properly aligned to help prevent chronic TMJ disorders.

Teeth whitening with our in-office system is the perfect option to prepare for a special, upcoming Minneapolis event! In fact, you'll find the latest solutions are available with our dentist. Convenient, comfortable and affordable solutions like bonding, laser dentistry, gum contouring, fillings or replacing old metal fillings.


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Address: Wayzata, 250 Central Avenue N #111
Telephone: (952) 475-1997
Languages spoken: English

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