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Bloor West DentalBloor West Dental

At Bloor West Dental office our goal is to achieve, “Excellence, One Smile at a Time”, and this begins with our relationship with you. We believe the cornerstone of any successful relationship is excellent communication. To ensure our clients have a holistic understanding of their treatment, we provide: dental education , treatment options and informed consent. Our goal is to tailor service and treatment to suit each and every individual, and their unique needs.Bloor West Dental understands dentistry is a complex topic.

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Dental services

Implant dentist Toronto
Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience. Our teeth very much feel like a part of us and the loss of one, through injury or infection, can drastically change the way we see ourselves. And while the psychological impact of a lost tooth is undeniable, there are also a variety of physiological effects that can have lasting adverse consequences. Missing teeth impact bite profiles, can lead to painful chewing, shifting of your other teeth to fill the gap, or even changing your facial structure.

Invisalign Toronto
Having misaligned teeth, whether it be through genetics or as a result of an injury or medical condition, can have a variety of undesirable effects. Whether it be discomfort, improper biting positioning, or even dissatisfaction with the aesthetic of improperly aligned teeth, your Toronto dentist at Bloor West Dental can help you to move your teeth in the right direction.

Root Canal Toronto
One of the many dental procedures our Bloor West dentists can offer you is root canal therapy. Dental pulp, present inside of your teeth, contains important nerves and nutrients that help maintain strong healthy teeth. Occasionally, this dental pulp can become infected. In such cases, a root canal may be necessary.

Children’s Dentistry
Your child’s dental care is very important to their health, confidence, and overall well-being. An early, solid relationship with their oral health care provider is paramount. Ideally, your child’s first visit should be before the age of two. This visit is a quick screen to identify dental issues, early on. Thereafter, it is recommended children be seen for their complete exam and 1st cleaning at the age of three.

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